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    Genevieve Vivienne

    To your ear does Genevieve Vivienne flow or not.... What about Vivienne Genevieve.....though having very different meanings obviously their sounds are similar. Are they too similar to be together in the same name? Thanks for your thoughts.

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    I love both names, but I think there are too many 'v' sounds in both for them to be used together.
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    I don't think you should pair these two names together in a combo. Too similar sounding, with the vie's and all.
    But between the two, Vivienne Genevieve sounds a little better because the ienne ending breakings up the viv's, if you know what I mean. Whereas Genevieve Vivienne has got the viv's right after each other. Genevievivienne.

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    I agree! I love both names, but Vivienne Genevieve has too many v sounds going on. Even though I prefer Genevieve to Vivienne, I also agree that Vivienne Genevieve would sound better!
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    I wouldn't use them together for one child but I think they could be sisters.

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