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Thread: Am I crazy?

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    What about Emmeline is bugging you? If it's the "line" or "leen" part, you can pronounce/spell it Emmelin or Emmelyn. I think it's a beautiful name. Another variation I've heard is Emelina which is pronounced Em-uh-lee-na. Emelina is slowly becoming my favorite "Em" name.

    Other names to get that "Em" sound that aren't as common as Emma:
    Emerson or Emmerson or Emersen

    Other "E" names (I love E names too):
    Ellis (a bit masculine to me, but you may like it)
    Ebba (yes, it's a real name! I kind of like the sound of it)

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    I think with Emmeline you risk it getting shortened to Emma though. I think Nova and Belle would be the best options. And it's not crazy to want to change your name, but it's a lot of work, and it can make things strange around family and friends who have always known you as Jessica. I don't think changing your name will automatically stop them from calling you Jessica because that's how they know you. Your parents picked the name, so I doubt they will stop calling you Jessica. Just a fair warning. It'll take time for your current friends to adjust and even so, a Jessica might slip out....

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    The problem I see with Belle is that it's becoming so popular. I personally don't mind popularity, but if your reason for changing Jessica is popularity, I don't think you'll be happy with Belle for very long. Isabella is ranked number 2 in the U.S. and a lot of those little Isabellas are nicknamed Belle.

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    Would you consider changing to something like Jessamine/Jessamyn?

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    I like Winter and Emmeline (although I pronnounce it em-uh-lin) I don't think your crazy because I want to change my name too.
    Alma . Amity . Anwen . Ceridwen . Eira. Emeline . Emilie
    Enid . Ffion . Ida . Julia . Juniper . Matilda . Miriam . Nadia . Noemy
    Igor . John . Nathaniel . Samson . Toby

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