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    I like Eulalia and Lorelei together, a LOT. I like that you included the pronunciation, I remember a Spanish teacher of mine teaching us over and over to pronounce it Ay-oo-la-lee-ah. I like learning a new way to say it!
    I'm relieved so many people like Eulalia and Lorelei, I was worried everyone would hate them. I laughed imagining a group of students trying to pronounce Eulalia in Spanish--it's already difficult enough in English! I have a friend from Argentina named Olalla, and apparently that is a Spanish version. I much prefer the English version though.

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    I thought I should add that my husband and I are pronouncing Lorelei/Lorelai with a strong I sound at the end (rhymes with my) rather than a strong A sound (rhymes with may) or strong E sound ( rhymes with me). I have heard it pronounced all three ways but my grandmother's name was with a strong I sound. Does anyone know which is the correct way of saying it?
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    How romantic to be proposed to during a meteorite shower! Some names in the "star, sky, celestial theme" would be:

    Lorelei Aster (Greek for star, also a flower name)
    Lorelei Vesper (Greek for evening star)
    Lorelei Celeste (Latin for heavenly)
    Lorelei Ciel (French for sky)
    Lorelei Estelle (French for star)

    I think Lorelei Briar and Lorelei Rose are lovely as well! Also, I think the correct and most common pronunciation of Lorelei is with the strong I sound (Lor-ah-lye).
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    It was so romantic, I really appreciate that he tried to make it special for me. My husband isn't normally the best when it comes to expressing his feelings on a daily basis, but he gets an A+ when it comes to big romantic gestures.
    I hadn't thought about a star theme before.
    I love the names Aster and Vesper!
    What about Lorelai Esther? Or does that not go well together? I also have always liked the name Astrid which for some reason I thought meant star, but when I just looked it up it said it meant divinely beautiful.

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    I really love the combos Eulalia Snow and Lorelei Rose.
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