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    Mabel is more appealing to me than Nola.

    I'm not someone who says "you need to see the baby first," because you're right - how can a newborn look more like one name over another? But I think even if you "commit" now you might change your mind a million times anyway before another daughter is born. With each of my three boys, I "committed" to at least two names before getting to the name we actually used. Felix was actually my favorite boy name before I even got married (I see you love it too), but it wouldn't have sounded good with our last name. With the second boy, before I was even pregnant I was sure we'd use the name Arlo if it was another boy. But he ended up being named Wolfgang, and I'm so happy we didn't go with Arlo, because now Arlo/Marlow/Harlow are all pretty highly hipster trendy and also Arlo is starting to lean unisex, which always ends with the name going over to the girls.

    I was holding on to "THE" girl name for six years - I just knew my daughter would be named Clover! But now that I'm actually pregnant with a daughter, I'm definitely not using it. I'm currently debating between the name that was always number three on my girl list and a name that was never even on it until this pregnancy. The thing is, you just don't know what is going to happen between now and when you have another daughter. You don't know what the trends could be. Even if you don't care at all about trendiness, what if a friend or relative (or enemy) of yours has a daughter before you do and uses the name you "committed" to? What if there's a really big movie or show that has a character with that name that you just can't stand, or that just becomes ubiquitous to the culture and you can't separate that name from the character? What if a political candidate you don't like has a kid with that name? Again, I don't know how much any of that would matter to you, but I'm sure at least one of those things might change the name in your eyes, and then you'd have to start fresh.

    All that being said, I know how it is to feel mentally unsettled because you don't have a name for a child who isn't conceived yet. I can't tell you how many times I fretted over Clover becoming too popular or trendy in the past six years, only to settle back down into loving the name again. But now it's for sure off my list.

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    Yup, completely understand. I thought of that too. But at least for now I had 2 settled names, and see if that changes or not im hoping not to change it tho. I figure if my friends can do it, I can too, right?
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