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Thread: Avalon Eleanor

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    May 2012
    I read this and thought that Avalon and Eleanor could be great twins. Similar in feel and yet distinctly different.
    Both in one name is a little much for me with the 3-3 feels odd - not bad, just well odd.

    Avalon Rose and Eleanor Maeve would be my alternative combo options for sisters.
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    I love the name Avalon, but I don't think it flows very well with Eleanor. I would switch it to Eleanor Avalon.

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    I like the pairing Avalon Eleanor. It has a cadence that is appealing to me. Avalon is a beachy place name to me (Avalon, NJ) and Eleanore is my name so I like it. I think Avalon Eleanor is a very pretty combo.

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    I like it and agree with @ellieberry, it has a cadence that's appealing.
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    I understand what you mean. A child who was brought to our attention has died. It's sad. I couldn't imagine losing a child. I think its sweet of you to commemorate her even in a small way. It shows that you have probably reached a higher level of moral development than most. I love the T.V. show Merlin and all things England and Arthurian legend right now so of course I like Avalon and Eleanor. The combo is appealing, but how about Avalon Blythe Eleanor?
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