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    Quiz BNG, Themed Edition II

    My last one went over pretty well, so here's another one! Each name set is going to follow a theme, like floral names or biblical names or names from old movies. Have fun!

    (FN- Names that end with Y, MN- "Old lady" names)

    FN: Are you wearing makeup?
    Yes - Felicity, Amy, Libby, Rosemary, Lucy, Kelsey, Wendy, Molly
    No - Holly, Audrey, Ivy, Poppy, Shelly, Melody, Lacey, Cecily

    MN: What did you have for breakfast?
    Cereal - Eugenia, Frances, Lucretia, Minerva, Viola
    Pancakes/Waffles - Leonora, Edith, Martha, Priscilla, Mable
    Fruit - Agnes, Geraldine, Blanche, Myrtle, Cornelia
    Yogurt - Harriet, Lucinda, Muriel, Zenobia, Agatha
    Coffee - Alberta, Esther, Theodora, Prudence, Ida
    Nothing - Gertrude, Helen, Mildred, Winifred, Alma

    (FN- Classic Names, MN- Place Names)

    FN: What's your favorite emoticon?
    - Louis, James, Vincent, Matthew, Jacob, Anthony, David
    - Charles, Daniel, John, Michael, Thomas, William, Patrick
    - Mark, Nicholas, Jonathon, Raymond, Phillip, Samuel, Walter
    - Nathaniel, Adam, Christopher, Luke, Benjamin, Theodore, Paul

    MN: How old are you?
    18 and under - Cairo, Austin, Oslo, Portland
    19 to 25 - Bronx, Alamo, Kingston, Salem
    25 to 39 - Caspian, Sydney, Nile, Rio
    40 to 50 - Everest, Kyoto, Morocco, Santiago
    51 and up - Dover, Memphis, Quebec, Romany

    (FN- Biblical names, MN- Unisex names)

    FN: What is your favorite movie genre?
    Horror - Adam, Levi, Jonah, Moses
    Comedy - Elijah, John, Ezekiel, Samuel
    Drama - Caleb, Josiah, Reuben, Micah
    Musical - Isaac, Luke, Jethro, Enoch
    Other - Jeremiah, Amos, Ezra, Bartholomew

    MN: What is your favorite girls name from the list below?
    Phoebe - Carter, Alex, Brett, Finley
    Alana - Parker, Morgan, Grey, Sawyer
    Louise - Cameron, Keegan, Reese, Dakota
    Harriet - Phoenix, Sydney, Flynn, Payton

    (FN- Vintage Names, MN- Top 25 Names)

    FN: What is your ideal vacation spot, out of the list below?
    Beach - Adelaide, Hazel, Nora, Olive
    Mountains - Beatrice, Stella, Florence, Mabel
    Camping - Ruby, Lydia, Clementine, Penelope
    City - Sabrina, Tess, Matilda, Caroline
    Home with family - Cora, Victoria, Juliet, Rebecca

    MN: Are you married or engaged?
    No - Madison, Charlotte, Ella, Natalie, Grace, Emily, Harper, Ava
    Yes - Hannah, Addison, Elizabeth, Evelyn, Sophia, Abigail, Mia, Aubrey

    (FN- Flower names, MN- Vowel names)

    FN: What is your favorite boys name our of the list below?
    Seth - Acacia, Hyacinth, Jasmine, Magnolia
    Emmett - Aster, Ivy, Zinnia, Delphine
    Oliver - Daisy, Calla, Primrose, Heather
    Ivan - Rose, Iris, Azalea, Dahlia

    MN: Do you have any pets?
    Yes - Anastasia, Estelle, Imogen, Octavia, Arden, Angelina, Isabelle, Elliot
    No - Ursula, Elena, Olympia, August, Eden, Annika, Elizabeth, Indira

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    DD: Rosemary Frances "Rosie" (10)
    DS: Phillip Cairo (8)
    DS: Moses Carter (7)
    DD: Stella Grace (5)
    DD: Iris Anastasia (2)

    Rosie, Phillip, Moses, Stella, Iris

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    Cordelia - Clementine - Seraphina - Evangeline - Cressida - Genevieve - Rosalind - Sylvie - Mirabelle - Ramona

    Orion - Caspian - Truman - Theodore - Frost - Ambrose - Calix - Wilder - Ephraim - August

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    17 year old baby name lover

    Jude||Ezra||Atticus||Ryland||Jasper||Silas||Asa||T heo||Lachlan||Radley||Viggo||Rhys||Leon||Salem||Ri ver||Archer||Flynn

    Iris||Vivienne||Lilith||Delilah||Lavinia||Juniper| |Phoebe||Luna||Thessaly||Lyra||Ingrid||Nina||Shilo h||Avalon||Juno||Saga||Leonie

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