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    I like it! Go for it!

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    I think since Calypso has the more down to earth nickname Callie, that makes it much more usable. That being said, if you feel uneasy about it then I would suggest putting it in the middle. You don't want to feel self-conscious every time you introduce your child.

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    I actually think it's a cool literary name. Plus with any name you'll never know if they will grow to love it. So pick the name that means the most to you.
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    To be honest, I love Calypso waaaay more than I like Sophia, and I get two very different vibes from each name. I would definitely use Calypso over Sophia. I think it's an acquired taste, and people will talk behind your back about the name you choose no matter what it is. And for the record, I would have loved to have this name myself. (please vote!)

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    Calypso just throws me. I think it's the "lip" that I find totally unattractive. Callisto is very similar but a safer choice

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