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Thread: Twin siblings

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    Twin siblings

    DH and I dont know if we are having boys, girls or one of each.

    We have decided that the middle names will be Rome and Milan.

    We have three kids, Matilda Geneva, Eloise Austin and Walter Theodore.

    Our girls choices:

    Beatrice (we added Beatrice, cause hubby really, really likes it)



    Any opinions would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks ever so much!
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    I love love love Ramona, Beatrice, and Edmund.
    I think both middle names sound boyish, but if I had to choose one for each gender, Rome definitely should be used for the boy.

    If the twins turn out to be
    boys: Edmund Rome and Graham Milan
    girls: Ramona Milan and Beatrice Rome (or Romy maybe?)
    one of each: Edmund Rome and Beatrice Milan

    All the best to you.

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    How exciting not to know!
    Girls: Bernadette Rome and Beatrice Milan
    Boys: Edmund Rome and Graham Milan
    One of each: Edmund Rome and Beatrice Milan

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    I remember when I first found out I was having twin girls. Good luck to you both!
    Girls: Bernadette Milan & Beatrice Rome
    Boys: Edmund Rome & Graham Milan
    Each: Graham Milan & Bernadette Milan
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