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    Honor names when the honoree hated their name?

    Here's a question for you all - would you use a name to honor a departed family member, if when alive they went by a nickname or middle name due to not liking their name? My beloved grandmother was D3lor3s Joan (pron. "Joann," bizarrely), but she hated her name and went by "Dee." How would you incorporate this name (as a middle probably) to honor her? I'm pregnant with my third child and would love to somehow acknowledge her in the name. "Joan/Joann" doesn't really have much sentimental association to me, as I never really thought of that name when I thought of her, but it is a possibility I suppose.

    (We also had a departed family member who's FN was Harri3t but hated it and went by her MN Sue. I LOVE Harri3t but we have already used "Susannah" as well as her maiden name (Towns3nd) to honor her in our first two kids' names, so we *probably* wouldn't name a third child after her. But I do like the name enough that I'd consider it! Yet feel slightly odd honoring with a name she so disliked.)

    (Sorry for all the weird numerals to make it less google-able )

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    If you and your partner like D3lor3s, I think it's fine to go ahead and use it even if she hated her name. However, with a nickname like Dee, I think just picking a name that started with a D would work, since Anna D. Smith (random example) would sound like Anna Dee Smith when said aloud. Maybe you could do something along the lines of Dean/Deanne/Deanna, combining her first and middle names. Or how about Lola, which is another D3lor3s nickname?
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    If it was *me*, I'd use the name Deirdre Siobhan... But you could use any Dee-sounding name to honor her. For Joan/Joann, you could use Johanna, Jo, Josephine, Josie, Jolene, etc.
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    In this case I would think out of the box a bit. Maybe there is a name she mentioned loving or a name that reminds you of her? Maybe even use her birthstone or flower? For example if she was born in July you could use Ruby or Lilly.

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    Because of the circumstances, I would go with it but be hesitant at first. Put yourself in her shoes. You do not like your first name so you go by Dee, which hasn't got much with it to actually use properly as a middle... Would you allow them to use D.o.l.o.r.e.s or would you ask them if they can either stick with Dee or look for other names? If you think she would be thrilled regardless, and not mind the use of her name in full, then go for it. If it makes you double take (which I assume it has, although I am not sure), look for alternatives. I second looking at names out of the box, such as her birthstone, a favourite flower, a favourite location (within reason), her birth month, or something of the sort.

    I think Delilah works well to honour Dee, it reminds me of D.o.l.o.r.e.s and it has the same Dee sound she went by. Lola is another option (it's a diminutive of D.o.l.o.r.e.s), but as she obviously didn't go by these, it may not work for you.
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