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    Honest Thoughts On These Names?

    There are some names that haven't quite made it high on my list, but I do love them. I've been rethinking their placement on my list lately and would love some honest opinions on them.


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    Alice Hermione, Madeleine ?, Lilith Seraphine, Caroline Hazel, Rosemary Gloria, Hana Felicity, James Alaric Matthew, Henry Elijah/Henry Marcellus, Alexander Lucian Godfrey & Sebastian Rhys
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    I really love August, Bennett and Julian. I’d be most likely to use August in RL the other two are not on my top list for personal association/tri-lingual pronunciation issues reasons. But I’d recommend all three - they are all solid, handsome names with great history without being “too” traditional.
    Wesley - the only good association I have with this name is “Princess Bride”. Actually it’s the only thing I feel it has going for it - otherwise I find it a bit blasé.

    Annika and Xenia are not my style. I like the feel and history behind Xenia but it’s too close to Xena and while I realize your child’s peers will most likely not be familiar with the show I’d personally decide against it. (I tend to find X starting names a little difficult as they always feel overly trendy and trying to be modern to me - even when they are not).
    Sylvie and Rosalie - are both lovely. I prefer Sylvia to Sylvie. I really like Rosalie, it’s one of my favorite actual rose names though as I prefer Penrose it will probably not make my list anytime soon.
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    August-Love it! Has the same feel as Atticus, but a little rarer.
    Bennett-Reminds me of Pride and Prejudice, so naturally one of my favs!
    Julian-All I think is the lemur king in Madagascar...Love the name and the monkey, so I like it!
    Wesley-Don't much care for this one, feels a bit used to me.

    Annika-really like it. It is sweet with the A ending, classic with the Ann, and spunky all together.
    Xenia-Not rally a fan of X names, but this one is ok.
    Sylvie-I like Sylvia or Cecily better and using Sylvie as a nickname.
    Rosalie-Something about Rosalie that I'm not crazy about. Cute, but a little too sweet maybe? Still a really cute name!

    Good names all together, but August, Bennett, and Annika are my favorites.

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    All of your boy names are on my list and they're all long time favourites. I can't ever use Wesley because it's been used in my family but I'd use the other three in a heartbeat!

    As for your girls names, I only really like Rosalie. I've never liked Sylvie or Sylvia (makes me think of saliva..). I don't really have reasons for disliking Xenia or Annika..
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    August: I think Augustus sounds softer and I prefer this name, although August is alright.
    Bennett: I've only ever known this name to be a surname, so I can't really picture it as a Christian name. Although if I met a Bennett, I'm sure my opinion would change.
    Julian: I like it! I think Jules/Jools would be a cool nickname for Julian.
    Wesley: Like Bennett, I can only picture this as a surname.

    Annika: I like it. It has a rather exotic feel to it, yet it also feels cute on a child but wearble on an adult too.
    Xenia: I have mixed reviews on this one. Sometimes I like it, sometimes I don't.
    Sylvie: I often think of my mother's friend from France when I hear this name. I've never met her, but my mother often tells stories about her and she sends us Christmas cards sometimes. It's alright, although I prefer Silvia. I guess that if I ever met my mother's friend, I would form a more solid opinion on the name.
    Rosalie: It's alright, although it's not really my style.
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