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    Thoughts on Elke

    I recently came across the name Elke at work. I knew I liked it on paper but wasn't sure how to pronounce it initially. I think it's pronounced Ell-ka.

    With names like Esme, Elsa, Ella, Elena, Elle, etc. picking up in popularity, would Elke fit right in? Does it have that whimsical Scandinavian sound that Freya and Astrid have or is it the odd one out?

    Just wanted to get some opinions on it before it shoehorns its way onto my list.

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    I like it. I knew a woman with this name who went by "Elkie." It does connote the megafauna in the deer species a bit, however. That is, even though it has not etymological connection with elks. I don't know if that association is too much. If so, some of its variations like Ilka might help. I like Ilka a lot.

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    Thanks! I thought of elk right away too, but didn't think that was a bad thing necessarily. There are worse creatures!

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    Love love love Elke. I have always thought it has a whimsical sound to it! I actually know a 13 year old Elka and I can't say enough good things about her, so that of course makes me love the name even more. Although it is different it is easy to say and like you said, has many of the same sounds as some of the currently trendy names right now. Very cute!
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    I like it. I think of the vintage German actress Elke Sommer. My only concern is that you might have to correct people on the pronunciation.

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