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    Help with a middle name for Nash

    Please help us name this little guy!with I have realized picking a middle name is close to impossible for Nash ______ Hansen. Changing his name is not an option though. It is the only name on my list and my husbands. Plus when our 3 year old daughter calls him by name it melts my heart. So far we have...

    Nash Bennett
    Nash Owen
    Nash Brooks


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    I would avoid anything with N in or any strong s sounds as Nash Hansen is already n and s heavy.
    I don't really like Bennett, Owen or Brooks for this reason. My favourite would be Brooks though.

    Some suggestions:
    Nash Adam
    Nash Wyatt
    Nash Oscar
    Nash Emmett
    Nash Theodore
    Nash Oliver
    Nash Porter
    Nash Carter
    Nash Forrest
    Nash Edward
    Nash Merritt
    Nash Gregory
    Nash Garrett
    Nash Tyler
    Nash Cassidy

    My favourites are Nash Adam, Nash Wyatt, Nash Cassidy, Nash Carter and Nash Gregory.

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    I love the suggestion of Nash Oliver Hansen for you-- it was the first name I thought of-- the -er ending works well with your last name.

    Some other possibilities:

    Nash August Hansen
    Nash Barnaby Hansen
    Nash Booker Hansen
    Nash Cooper Hansen
    Nash David Hansen
    Nash Everett Hansen
    Nash Frederick Hansen
    Nash Gabriel Hansen
    Nash Irving Hansen
    Nash Jacoby Hansen
    Nash Lionel Hansen
    Nash Miller Hansen
    Nash Milo Hansen
    Nash Peter Hansen
    Nash Tyler Hansen

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