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    How do you decide which twin gets which name?

    I'm not expecting but I'm curious. If you go to the hospital with two names and are expecting twins of the same gender how do you decide which baby gets which name?

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    That's a really interesting question! I don't have an answer myself but am intrigued to see the responses.
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    1. Based on looks. Usually one will fit one name better.
    2. Based on birth order/alphabetical order. The older one gets the name that comes first in the alphabet. Somehow this makes sense to me.

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    I would love to hear from moms of multiples because I've wondered about it for some time.

    My husband is a triplet. He speculates that since the first two babies were named after close family members, and he got a "random" name, his brothers got the names that were "top priority" and his name was the "afterthought".

    The name issue was a touchy subject for my husband and his brothers when they were kids. At first I thought it was absurd but seeing the huge rivalry issues they had growing up, it makes more sense that my husband would feel a bit left out by having a name not cut out of the revered family tree, and all because he was born last.

    I am super curious to know how modern parents go about this.

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    I've always thought that you would refer to them in birth order, and so the names would reflect the flow of that, often longer name first, shorter name second. Plus things like names ending in "a" don't flow so well with and straight after them, so would put them second.

    Examples I know of which I think flow really nicely this way but wouldn't flow well if swapped include:

    Al@n and Craig
    Eth@n and Kyle
    H@ni and Kaia
    Courtney and Victori@

    realh, I don't use family names as first names, but I do have middle names with meanings for my children - and its always been important to me that they all have meaning - as both me and my husband come from families where only one child out of four has a random middle name. I would imagine being a first name especially that could sting!

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