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    Gwen Felicity or Gwen Margaret?

    My husband and I are deciding on baby names for number two. We will find out if it's a girl or boy at the end of February.

    Our firstborn son's name is Jude Macgregor (last name Ervin). We liked the biblical name, the meaning "praise" and Macgregor is my father's middle name and my grandmother's maiden name.

    For a boy, we've decided on Theodore Matthew. We love the nickname Theo and Theodore was my husband's recently passe grandfather's middle name. Matthew is after my husband's dad. We also liked that both names meant gift from God.

    For a girl, we love the name Gwen (meaning, white, holy, blessed). I, however, am torn between two middle names--Felicity (meaning Joy) or Margaret (meaning pearl). We don't like longer versions of the name Gwen. I love the flow and whimsy of Felicity, but also the classic and beautiful Margaret.

    Which one would you pick?

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    I like the flow of both, but Gwen Felicity is more pleasing to my ear. (Gwen and Jude is such a cute sibset, by the way!)
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    Gwen Felicity is lovely! I like that you're paying attention to the name meanings- such great combos! Congrats!

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    Beautiful names! I love the thought you are putting into the special names in your families.
    I also like Gwen but am not sure about it's longer versions. Gwen Felicity has a more upbeat (joyous?) sound to it as it ends with a vowel sound (-ee) rather than in a consonant like Gwen. Your last name also ends with a consonant so I think Felicity helps break it up when said together.
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    That's a tough choice. When I saw the headline, I immediately thought "whimsical" too about Gwen Felicity. It's very, very pretty and has a nice flow. Gwen Margaret is a more unexpected pairing though, and I like how Margaret kind of "anchors" Gwen. You really can't go wrong with either. I lean toward Gwen Margaret, because I'll usually pick the more tailored name between two choices.

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