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    Nov 2013

    Audrey vs. Iris which one would you choose if you had to choose one?

    Right now these are our top two choices for girls.

    Which one would you choose and why?
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    I love Iris, but not a fan of Audrey (she sounds geeky and middle-aged to me). Easy choice!

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    Although I like both, I would probably choose Audrey. And I like how Audrey and Jack sound together.
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    Personally I love both, Iris reminds me of my niece's name Eris and Audrey just sounds pretty to me.
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    Easy! Both these names were on my middle list, Audrey made the short list so that's my answer. I agree that Audrey and Jack go together better since they are both classic names. Audrey is totally not geeky and middle aged though! It's popular in the US, #41! Definitely not middle aged, personally I find it spunky and elegant at the same time.

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