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    Cair Paravel :)
    Quote Originally Posted by jesba View Post
    Oh, Logan made me remember Brody, another one I know Ash likes. Sorry Ash!
    lol! I know Brody's not everyone's cup of tea. I adore it, but, well. I actually really, really hate Logan, too, so I suppose it's a bit evened out.
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    I agree about Malachi (too harsh) and Mabel (sounds too much like an old lady name to me).

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    I'm about to get stoned here but Imogen. Never saw the appeal. Beautiful meaning, but I hate how it sounds.
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    I love Jasper! Lol!

    I really don't like Beatrice. Especially when it isn't pronounced correctly i.e Bee-ah-triss

    I don't like obvious boys names on girls e.g Bryn

    I also don't like names like Ruby,Ellie,Ella,Esther,Daisy. They sound like Victorian parlour maid names.

    I don't really "get" Felix but that's probably because it's a brand of cat food in the uk.

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