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    Sisters Arielle and Briella? Too similar?

    When I was pregnant with my first, I loved the names Arielle (Say letters: R E L) and Brielle. We decided to go with Arielle. Would it still sound too similar to Arielle if we changed Brielle to Briella? Comments appreciated!

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    Yes too similer

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    No, I think they are different enough. I really like that they would share the double L. Brianna may be a good second option.

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    Yes, I think the both look and sound too similar to use on siblings. Brianna, Bryn, or even just Brie would work though.

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    I Arielle was spelled Ariel, I might think it was okay.
    Arielle and Briella are way to similar though.
    Brianna is a good suggestion, but maybe you could put the 'elle' part in front? Ellaby is sweet, as is Elodie, Eloise, Elida, Eliza, Elula, Ellevine, Elena, Elaina and Elissa.
    Brisa is a favourite, perhaps you like it?
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