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Thread: Chiron

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    I recently fell in love with this Greek name. Everything about it appeals to me. It has history and a great sound that's somewhat familiar. (Ryan, Casper, etc.) The only problem if I were to use it would be the spelling. No one where I live in the US would know how to pronounce it. I'm not a fan of changing the spelling of a name, but I would have to make an exception in this case. Kairon maybe? Or is that butchering it too much? Does it look too girly that way? What's your opinion?
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    Well I love it. Chiron was the oldest and wisest of the centaurs and that's pretty cool, although some people I know who aren't familiar with the myths mistake Chiron for Charon (ferryman of Hades).

    Personally, I wouldn't change the spelling because that's just butchering it for no good reason. Teach people how to say it. It will only take a few times of hearing how to say it before they learn.

    If you decide that you have to change it, try Kyron because that's the phonetic way to spell it.
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    I agree with Dantea. Chiron is on my list as well, it's such a great name and I love the myth behind it.
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    You might also like Kiernan?
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    I wouldn't change the spelling at all. People will figure it out.
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