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    Five Pregnancies - Q & A to name them with different outcomes every day!

    You have been blessed with 5 wonderful, yet sometimes challenging pregnancies.
    Do the quiz to find out what you have!
    Feel free to add any information you wish, and do the quiz as many times as you’d like!

    What number is in the ones column of today's date? (Example today is the 19, so it would be 9)
    1. famous leader last name
    2. last name of a favourite celebrity
    3. last name that is very common
    4. a name that is uncommon as a last name
    5. a name you dislike, but backwards
    6. a word from another language
    7. a famous company name
    8. a place name
    9. a band/musician name
    0. any last name you wish!

    Is your toenail polish chipped?
    Yes: boy
    No: girl
    I don’t have any paint on them: twin boy and girl

    FN: How are you feeling today? (5 being fantastic)
    1: girl- name ending in A, boy-name ending in ER
    2: girl- name from Disney, boy- name popular in 1800s
    3: girl- name from nature, boy- name from Disney
    4: girl- name popular in 1800s, boy- gender neutral name
    5: girl- name ending in ER, boy- name from nature

    MN: What is the temperature outside like?
    hot: name that makes you smile
    warm: name of a good looking celebrity
    cold: place name in which you’d never like to visit

    Are you wearing anything with stripes?
    Yes: boy
    No: girl
    One or more: twin boy and girl

    FN: What is your most dreaded chore of today?
    work: girl- name starting with P, boy- name ending in T
    laundry: girl- colour name, boy- name from history
    dishes:girl- name from history, boy- colour name
    floors: girl- name ending in “L” sound, boy- name commonly used for a pet
    deep cleaning: girl- name commonly used for a pet, boy- a name from your favourite movie
    tidying: girl- a place name, boy- a name ending in “ick” sound
    other: girl- name ending in IA, boy- a form of your mother’s name

    MN: What time of day is it?
    morning: a form of your maiden name
    noon: a form of your father’s name
    afternoon: a form of your name
    evening: a completely made up name
    night: a name you've never met anyone with

    Have you washed your hands in the last 30 minutes?
    Yes: girl
    No: boy
    I can’t remember: twin girls

    FN: What colour is your shirt today?
    pink/red: girl- a biblical name, your favourite actor’s name
    orange/yellow:girl- a gender neutral name, boy- a biblical name
    green/blue: girl- your favourite actress’ name, boy- a form of John
    purple/white: girl- a form of Elizabeth, boy- an Irish name
    black/brown: girl- an Irish name, boy- an African name
    tan/gray: girl- an African name, boy- a Native American name
    no shirt : girl- a word name, boy- an astrological name

    MN: What is the weather outside like?
    rainy: a name in the current top 50
    sunny: a name of one of your child’s great grandparents
    cloudy: a cartoon character
    snowy: a name of a childhood friend
    foggy: a name you’ve heard today
    thunder storming: a name you’ve read today

    Can you currently see the sun?
    Yes: girl
    No: boy
    No, but I can see the moon: twin boys

    FN: What are you feeling most in the mood for?
    sleeping: girl- a name with a connection to your life, boy- your favourite boy name
    a massage: girl- your favourite girl name, girl- a name with a connection to your life
    a good meal: girl- a name from the 80s/90s, boy- the host of a show you love (masculine)
    a hair cut: girl- the host of a show you love (feminine), boy- a name from the 80s/90s
    an adventure: girl- a very feminine name, boy- a very masculine name
    some loving: girl- name starting with M, boy- name starting with F
    moseying around: girl- name starting with B, boy- name starting with H
    seeing friends: girl/boy- name starting with the same letter as yours

    MN: Where are you?
    inside at home: a singer you like
    outside at home: a tie to the country you were born
    at work: a tie to the country you last visited
    with a friend: a tie to your heritage
    in public: a tie to your relationship with your mother
    other: a tie to your relationship with your father

    What are you currently using?
    Computer: girl
    Tablet: boy
    Phone: girl
    Other: boy

    FN: What day of the week is it?
    Sunday: girl- astrological name, boy- name ending in Y
    Monday: girl- name ending in Y, boy- name ending in S
    Tuesday: girl/boy- name that makes you cringe
    Wednesday: girl- a name from a child’s tv show, boy- name from a good book
    Thursday: girl- name starting with K, boy: name from a child’s tv show
    Friday: girl- name ending with I, boy- name ending in O
    Saturday: girl- a name containing both I and A, boy- a name containing both N and E

    MN: What are you sitting on?
    couch: a name from the Ayden, Hayden, Brayden, Zaden family
    wooden chair: a word name but backwards
    comfy chair: a name you like but backwards
    bench: a celebrity child name
    vehicle seat: a name from the Arly, Carly, Harley, Farley family
    other: an old fashioned name
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    Archer, Cooper, Dallas, Emmett, Kian, Levi, Miller, Otto, Ronan, Tucker

    Brenna, Bridget, Clara, Eliza, Myra, Raya, Rosa, Violet

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    Archer, Cooper, Dallas, Emmett, Kian, Levi, Miller, Otto, Ronan, Tucker

    Brenna, Bridget, Clara, Eliza, Myra, Raya, Rosa, Violet

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    Jun 2015
    Eva Julianne Diamandis/Elliot Channing Diamandis
    Merida Esselle Diamandis
    Alana Clementine Diamandis/Kara Lorraine Diamandis
    Jason Ragnar Diamandis
    Sofia Josephine Diamandis
    Helena/ Beatrix / Ramona/ Amalia/ Isadora / Irene/ Milena/ Andromeda/ Leia/ Victoria/ Minerva/ Cleo/ Cara/ Anna/ Tali/ Ginevra/ Ziva/ Alma/ Avril/ Dorotea/ Arya

    Draco/ Alexander/ Cadmus/ Finnegan / Thorin/ Louis/ Robin/ Maxen/ Fergus/ Conal/ Caius/ Aslan/ Aragon/ Dashiell/ Isaac/ Absalom/ Ivo/ Evander/ Henry/ Maxwell

    Autumn/ River/ Wren/ Calixta/ Montserrat/ Dart/ Nyla/ Daenerys/ Amazonian/ Phoenix/ Poet/ Larkin/ Rowan/ Jamaica/ Temperance/ Joy/ Grace/ Courage/ Justice

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    LN: Maná

    DS/DD: Eric Gabriel & Jasmine Sarai
    DD: Danielle Valeria
    DS: Ofori Joseph
    DS/DS: Francisco Glen & Fernando Gary
    DD: Sofia Carley
    Mom to Noemi Xochitl *5/19/14*

    Favorite names at the moment:



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