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    Create a Ruling Family; Dice-Rolling and Your Choice

    We will be using a D-10 for this game. One can be found here:

    Decide which person you wish to have married into the royal family (husband or wife).

    Kingdom Location/Title (You choose the country)
    1. Slavic (Russia, Bulgaria, etc.; "Tzar/Tzarina or Czar/Czarina")
    2. Asia (China, Japan, etc.; "Emporer/Empress")
    3. North America (Canada, United States; "President")
    4. Africa (Egypt, Zimbabwe, Madagascar, etc.; "President, King/Queen, Pharaoh, or Chief")
    5. Your Choice
    6. Central America (Mexico, Panama, etc.; "King/Queen")
    7. Europe (France, England, etc.; "King/Queen")
    8. Australia (Australia, New Zealand; "King/Queen" or "Chief")
    9. South America ("King/Queen" or "Chief")
    10. Your Choice

    Names - First, Middle, and Last Names. Select one or more options, depending on your region; You can have any number of middle names.
    Slavic - Serbian, Slovak, Slovene, Russian, Romanian, Polish, Bulgarian, Croatian, Czech, Estonian, Latvian, Limburgish, Lithuanian, Albanian, Macedonian, Ukrainian, Armenian
    Asia - Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Indian, Indonesian, Korean, Thai, Vietnamese, Cambodian, Hinduism
    North America - Dutch, English, French, Hawaiian, Native American, Scottish, Welsh, Greek Myth, Biblical, History, Literature
    Africa - Arabic, Indian, Indonesian, Iranian, Turkish, Jewish, Hinduism
    Central America - Catalan, Esperanto, Galician, Portuguese, Spanish
    Europe - Breton, Cornish, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, Frisian, Georgian, German, Greek, Icelandic, Irish, Italian, Norwegian, Scottish, Spanish, Swedish, Welsh, Greek Myth, Roman Myth, Celtic Myth, Norse Myth, Biblical, Literature
    Australia - Same as Europe, Maori
    South America - Same as Central America

    Roll to see how he/she became Ruler
    1-8: Was in line for the throne
    9-10: Conquered the old Ruler in war

    Eyes (You fill in shape, etc. if desired)
    1. Blue
    2. Green
    3. Brown
    4. Gray
    5. Hazel
    6. Green
    7. Brown
    8. Hazel
    9. Blue
    10. Gray

    Hair (You fill in length, texture, etc. if desired)
    1. Black
    2. Blonde
    3. Brown
    4. Red
    5. Your Choice
    6. Blonde
    7. Red
    8. Brown
    9. Black
    10. Your Choice

    Husband/Wife's Title
    1. Grand Duke/Duchess
    2. Baron/Baroness
    3. Duke/Duchess
    4. Earl/Countess
    5. Viscount/Viscountess
    6. Marquis/Marquess
    7. Lord/Lady
    8. Viceroy/Vicereine
    9. Baronet/Baroness
    10. Sir/Dame

    Where Does Husband/Wife Hail From? (You choose country/state/etc.)
    1. Slavia
    2. Asia
    3. North America
    4. Africa
    5. Your Choice
    6. Central America
    7. Europe
    8. Australia
    9. South America
    10. Your Choice

    Marriage Type
    1-7: Arranged marriage
    8-10: Met and fell in love

    Husband's Age When Married
    1. 20
    2. 23
    3. 25
    4. 26
    5. 27
    6. 28
    7. 32
    8. 34
    9. 37
    10. 42

    Wife's Age When Married (Note: In royalty, wives were usually a bit younger than their husbands, but not always. Hence the different age ranges with the rolls.)
    1. 18
    2. 19
    3. 21
    4. 23
    5. 24
    6. 26
    7. 28
    8. 30
    9. 32
    10. 34

    Wife's Wedding Ring

    Wife's Wedding Dress

    Roll for # of Children, then roll for each gender (evens: boys, odds: girls). You decide which children are multiples (if any).

    Names: You can select as many categories as you want from where the parents are from/what kingdom they rule.

    Eyes (you fill in shape, etc. if desired)
    1, 3, 6, 8 - Mother's
    2, 4, 7, 9 - Father's
    5, 10 - Your Choice

    Hair (you fill in length, texture, etc. if desired)
    1, 3, 6, 8 - Father's
    2, 4, 7, 9 - Mother's
    5, 10 - Your Choice

    Roll to see which children will become a Ruler. (1-5: No. 6-10: Yes.) If more than one become Ruler, then either the child before them passed away, or the "current" ruler married into another royal family.

    Roll D10 four times, then add totals together, for children's ages

    Male Rulers and their male children can have mistresses; list them as well, along with any children born out of wedlock.
    You can also choose to do more generations; Do the spouses and children just like listed above. For ages, roll accordingly:
    1st generation: Married age, plus 5 die-rolls
    2nd generation: 10, plus 3 die-rolls
    3rd generation: 1 die-roll

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    Chief Shemu'el Tomas Emanuel Rooijakker, of New Zealand, 63
    Was in line for the throne
    Small, round, black eyes and Waist-length, straight, fire-red hair
    34 when married

    Wife: Lady Honoka Bao Matsumoto, 50
    From Kyoto, Japan
    Large, slanted, hazel eyes and Silky, shoulder-length, wavy black hair
    Met and fell in love while Shemu'el was visiting the home of her father
    21 when married
    Wedding Ring:
    Wedding Dress:

    # of children: 4

    DD: Amandine Mariko Rooljakker, 30
    Small, round black eyes and knee-length, wavy, fire-red hair
    Was bypassed for secondborn son. Marries into a noble, but not ruling, family. Married at 24.
    DH: Marquis Enrique Artur Johano Obando, of Minas Gerais, 33
    -Dark, sapphire blue eyes and short, silky, blue-black hair
    -Arranged Marriage; Married at 27
    -Wife's Ring:
    -Wife's Dress:
    DS: Vitor Koizumi, 6
    -Small, round black eyes and short, blue-black hair
    DD: Rozabela Akiko, 5
    -Sapphire blue eyes and shoulder-length, blue-black hair
    DS: Tristao Xabier, 3
    -Small, round black eyes and thin, black hair
    DD: Maricela Ru, 1
    -Sapphire blue eyes and thick, black hair

    DS: Melanthios Eli'ezer Rooljakker, 25
    Small, round black eyes and chin-length, straight, fire-red hair
    Shamed the family by marrying a low-class girl, so he was passed over for Rulership. Married at 20.
    DW: Felicity Briella Zenaide, of Sydney, Australia, 33
    -Doe-shaped grey eyes and soft, shoulder-length, strawberry blonde hair.
    -Met and fell in love; Married at 18.
    -Wedding ring:
    -Wedding dress:
    DS: Bartram Fenton, 5
    -Small, round black eyes and chin-length strawberry blonde hair
    DD: Retha Merle, 5
    -Doe-shaped grey eyes and shoulder-length strawberry blonde hair
    DS: Aristide Hynek, 5
    -Doe-shaped grey eyes and spiked strawberry blonde hair
    DD: Kristia Ming, 4
    -Small, round black eyes and neck-length strawberry blonde hair
    DD: Aniyah Garnett, 4
    -Doe-shaped grey eyes and chin-length, fire-red hair
    DS: Daividh Anselme, 3
    -Small, round black eyes and spiked, fire-red hair

    DD: Narcisse Maelle Rooljakker, 24
    Large, slanted hazel eyes and waist-length, straight black hair
    Becomes Queen by marrying into another Ruling family. Married at 18.
    DH: Tzar Khariton Nikolai Krastev, of Bucharest, 40
    -Was in line for the throne
    -Large, hooded red-brown eyes and combed-back, platinum blonde hair
    -Met and fell in love; married at 34
    -Wife's wedding ring:
    -Wife's wedding dress:
    DD: Tatiana Aderyn, 6
    -Large, hooded red-brown eyes and waist-length, platinum blonde hair
    DD: Antoinette Nevena, 2
    -Large, hooded red-brown eyes and shoulder-length, black hair
    DS: Stanislov Yuuta, 1
    -Large, slanted hazel eyes and short, black hair
    DS: Augustin Nikola, 1
    -Large, hooded red-brown eyes and short, platinum blonde hair

    DS: Zephyrus Kichirou Rooljakker, 21
    Large, slanted hazel eyes and shoulder-length, wavy, fire-red hair
    Becomes King after father dies; also marries a Queen. Married at 20.
    DW: Queen Ema Apolonia Cesaria, of Mexico, 20
    -Was in line for the throne; Only child
    -Cat-shaped, pale green eyes and Curly, waist-length, blue-black hair
    -Arranged marriage; married at 19.
    -Wife's Wedding Ring:
    -Wife's Wedding Gown:
    DD: Yvette Natsuki, NB

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    Me: Queen Ingrid Marie Florentine Anne of Norway (in line for the throne)
    Eyes: Green
    Hair: Blonde

    DH: Duke Jonathan Marcus Loïc of the Royal House of Bourbon-Évreux-Orléans (France)
    Eyes: Hazel
    Hair: Brown

    Royalty - Kings, Queens, Princes, Princesses etc. do not have official last names. (Ugh, when are people gonna get that?)

    Marriage Type: Arranged marriage
    Husband's Age When Married: 28
    Wife's Age When Married: 26
    Wedding Ring:
    Wedding Dress:

    DD1: Crown Princess Klara Honorine Eléonore Alexandra of Norway (in line for the throne)
    Eyes: Hazel
    Hair: Blonde

    DS1: Prince Edvard Marius Georges Richard of Norway (marries into the English throne)
    Eyes: Hazel
    Hair: Brown

    DS2: Prince Johan Haakon Jean Henri of Norway (does not become a ruler)
    Eyes: Green
    Hair: Blonde

    DD2: Princess Maud Victoria Aurore Cosette of Norway (does not become a ruler)
    Eyes: Green
    Hair: Brown

    DD3: Princess Olea Lucienne Désirée Matilde of Norway (does not become a ruler)
    Eyes: Green
    Hair: Blonde

    Clara Luella Esther Cecilia Agnes Matilda
    Gustav Martinus Vincent Johan Wilhelm Edward

    Aria • Cadence • Dagny • Eilish • Ffion • Greta • Hedda • Maisie • Margo • River

    Angus • Beau • Bastien • Everett • Joah • Orion • Silas • Timothy

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    Quote Originally Posted by cheekygals View Post
    Royalty - Kings, Queens, Princes, Princesses etc. do not have official last names. (Ugh, when are people gonna get that?)
    It depends on the royalty, actually, as well as the time period and location. However, there was no need to be rude about it. It's just a game.

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    Gwendolyn Margaret Lenore Queen of Scotland
    Father won the throne by conquering the previous king by war
    Eyes:Large, bright green eyes that can be kind and then change to cold in an instant
    Hair:Long and curly black hair a pain to handle often described as “wild”.
    Age: 21 when married, 47 now
    Ring - 9
    Dress - 8

    Duke Otto Alexander Kurzmann of Germany
    Eyes: Pale and hazel rimmed by thick, dark lashes
    Hair: Blonde and curly, often kept short so as to not get in his face.
    Age: 32 when married, 58 now
    Arranged marriage - they respect each other and care for one another but there is no real love or deep connection between them, that is until they had children. Now that children are grown they’ve drifted apart and Otto has taken on several mistresses.
    Mistress 1: Emma Joan Smith - 18
    Mistress 2: Frances Delia Moltie - 19
    Mistress 3: Mary Judith Victor - 22

    Eight Children

    Josephine Isobel Maeve - 26
    Eyes: Her mother's eyes green loving/cold
    Hair: Her father’s hair, blonde and soft curls - Long and elegant
    -Next in line to the throne (refusing to marry until she is crowned queen). Stoic and regal personality. Very intelligent and methodical. Pretty if not plain. Her fiance is the second eldest prince of England. He was married once before and has two children by his deceased first wife. Deeply devoted to his passed wife and wants to do the same for his future wife thus, no mistress.
    Finance: John Robert Andrew III - 39
    Dead DW: Charlotte Virginia - 26 when died
    DD: Lydia Virginia Grace - 8
    DS: James Andrew Richard - 7

    Rosalind Joanna ElizabethRose” - 24
    Eyes: Father’s eyes pale hazel with thick laces
    Hair: Mothers hair, black with wild curls won’t do anything with it other than a braid
    -second in line to the throne (Suitors tend to stay away from her due to several accidents that have befallen previous callers). More reckless and outspoken than her other sisters. Sort of the black sheep of the family.

    Catherine Marie Estella - 21(Twin)
    Eyes: Fathers hazel eyes but more brown in them, lighter lashes
    Hair: Mothers hair calmer curls-more wavy, black and thick
    -Third in line for the throne, Married to a local Scottish nobleman for love(no mistress). Five children. Alluring and elegant, charismatic personality. Pretty smile.
    DH: Lord Donald Graham McGregor - 29
    DD: Fiona Eileen McGregor - 4
    DS: Donald Graham McGregor II - 3
    DS: Colin Shane McGregor - 2
    DS: Sean Martin McGregor - Died two weeks after birth
    DD: Martha Anne McGregor - 6 months

    Arthur James William - 21 (Twin)
    Eyes: Mother's eyes- bright green but occasionally look blue in certain lighting
    Hair: Crazy curls and black hair like mother
    -Not eligible for the Scottish crown. Married to a French Princess for political gain. Five girls (Two are illegitimate) and one son. Has a french and Scottish mistress. Alluring and charismatic like his twin. Relatively attractive, great smile.
    DW: Genevieve Marguerite of France -23
    DD: Angelique Marie of France - 5
    DD: Cosette Justine of France -4
    DD: Jacqueline Anis of France - NB (Twin)
    DS: Lewis Etienne of France - NB (Twin)
    Mistress 1: Nicolette Maxime Chapelle 19
    DD: Esme Annabelle Chapelle - 4
    Mistress 2: Iona Rose Davis - 21
    DD:Rebecca Jane Davis - 6 (He didn’t know about her until she was 3)

    Brodrick Oliver Laurenz - 17
    Eyes: Mother’s eyes, bright green and large but inviting all the time-shows his emotions through them.
    Hair: Father’s hair Blonde and curly, usually lets it get really long before cutting it
    -Not eligible for the throne. Betrothed to the princess of Norway. By chance they actually genuinely love each other. Extremely good looking - like his father. Ladies man, has a mistress.
    Finance: Sigrid Rania of Norway-17
    Mistress: Mary O’Grady - 20

    Margaret Ann LouiseMaisie” - 15
    Eyes: Icy blue eyes that seem to pop out of her face from the color
    Hair: Black hair but silky smooth - not a crazy curl in sight
    -Considered the prettiest and the most striking to look at. Has had countless marriage proposals but has turned them all down. Wants to marry for love and most likely can being fourth in line for the throne. Friendly with those she’s comfortable with (servants, ladies in waiting, family, etc..) but shy around most noblemen and strangers. As she is her father’s (secret) favorite he is protecting her in a way.

    Stephan Hugh Rainart - 12
    Eyes: Same exact eyes as his mother - green
    Hair: Same as mother - literally the mini male version of his mother
    -”loosely” betrothed to the youngest Princess of Russia (newborn). Not thrilled with the idea of “marrying a baby”. Loves being outside thus has darker skin than most of his family, plus freckles.
    Finance: Anya Emilia Marina of Russia

    -Sebastian Hans MaxwellHans” - 7
    Eyes: Chocolate Brown eyes thick lashes
    Hair: Father’s hair blonde and curly
    - fifth in line for the throne. An adorable little boy who loves following around his brothers and smiling at people.
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