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    Sibling for Elise

    We are just barely pregnant with our second child and I am already worrying about a sibling name for our daughter Elise Lorraine. Her name suits her perfectly but is a little more common than I would have liked (I was always one of 3 or 4 in school and wanted less common names for our children). Our last name begins with P, so unfortunately all P names are out :-(

    For a girl, some family names I have been considering are: Adelia, Marie, Audrey (which I love but think it might be getting too popular), Claire (as a mn only).

    For a boy, my husband likes Henry which I also think is way too popular although I have been considering Henry Alan and nn him Hal (Alan is also a family name). Other family names are Frederick, Harlan, West.

    I want to have some meaning in the name as Elise's mn is after her grandmother (which is why I am including family names) and I am hoping for some new inspiration from all you name aficionados as my husband and I don't really see eye to eye on names (one example is Adelia which I would totally use and he hates... he picked Elise when I had Annelise on my list)! Thank you all for your help!!!

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    Elise and Nora sound beautiful IMO, I also love Adelia.
    I do love Henry, it isn't as popular Australia though!
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    Charlotte (although popular, I love it)

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    How about Adele, Audra or Adeline? And I love Henry Alan.
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    Thank you both so much - I have some new ideas for my list and love the suggestions!!! I do like Audrina or Audra as a tribute to my grandmother and am still holding out hopes to convinve my husband that Adelia is a great name if it is a girl! Appreciate the help!

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    Adelaide is one of my faves along those lines, plus the nns are nearly endless: Adele, Lady, Addy, Ada... Adelaide Claire is lovely.
    What about Weston to honour the family name West? I do love the classicness of Henry that never goes out of style.

    Henry Weston and Adelaide Claire

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