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    Doing OK. It has gotten difficult to sleep, I often have to sleep sitting up or else I can't breathe! I get lucky some nights though and the baby is positioned just right that not everything is trying to pop out of my throat lol.

    In no fun news, I am having some vitamin absorption issues. I am now consuming a very high level of iron to make sure I don't become anemic, and taking the iron at certain times of day with other vitamins to help increase the absorption. I have having troubles with vitamin D too. I am still waiting to hear back on my 3GTT, I had it last Thursday and it is taking FOREVER! I want to know because if I failed horribly then I need to change care providers which will really bring me down. I have always been sensitive to sugar and since being pregnant I have gotten weak in my ways and been consuming more and just recently realized it's the cause for my rapid weight gain over the last month (1lb a week which is a lot for me) and causing me to have a rapid heart rate at rest (100-120BPM) and shortness of breath. I really hope it's not GD, I will freak out if I have it because no one in my family has EVER had it, and even with the fact I have been drinking juice and eating cereal (stopped now), I still eat better than most of the other people in my family. However I am the only one who lives in the US and the food here is quite different even when it says it isn't. So I am really scared. Luckily my BP and heart rate when I am not consuming sugar is still perfect.

    Otherwise the baby is doing great, she is growing on schedule and is extremely active. Pregnancy is the slowest thing in life and I cannot believe I still have two months left until 2/20/13!

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    On the bras note - I HAVE to wear one! I hate not wearing one haha I find when I wear one I am "supported" (not like I am saggy without) but it's just comforting. I have a hard time finding bras that fit right but when I do, it's awesome. Boots and shoes on the other hand, not comfy. None of my cute boots zip up all the way because of swelling, it's so sad. I have one pair of Steve Maddens I got since being preggers that can work and my UGGS. We go up to Canada next week so hopefully that will do because I won't be able to wear my trusty TOMS or Sanuks which have been a life saver.

    Oh and my belly is HUGE! People think I am full term lol I cannot believe it is still going to get bigger. I just know I will wake up one day and BAM stretch marks lol so far so good but we are officially in the dangerzone. I kept my weight gain slow and steady until the last month so hopefully with these recent changes it'll slow down again. I am at just over 20lbs at 31 weeks (I am 5'7"). I am still active though and feel fine for the most part. I can still do agility training with the dog and feel fine as long as I have my belly belt on. Chores I have had to slow down one because I get bad back, pain in the crotch and braxton hicks so I take breaks between each chore and DH has been great encouraging me to rest. I am not sure why chores are harder, I can walk a few miles, do pilates or strength exercises a few at a time but when I get at the chores after 20-30mins I am like "noooooooo!' lol.
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    I think my breasts are just a source of distress in general at this point. While bras aren't comfortable, I very much dislike the feeling of them touching my skin. (they were small enough before I got pregnant that I'd never experienced this before) When I go out I wear bras, but when I'm at home I like fitted-cup type camisoles, so they're still held in place, but without feeling as constricted as with bras.

    I had an appt. yesterday and after being scolded at the last 2 for not gaining enough weight, I had been really trying to do better and I finally registered a decent weight gain! I even made up a little ground.

    I've been having light-headed spells. First it was happening in the shower, but I've been taking them cooler and cooler since and still having some problems. Then it was happening if I stood for too long. Then just reclining in bed. Sitting too long in the car. After getting this feeling driving home from my appointment yesterday, I think from here on out, I'll have someone else drive me places. Pretty much the only "safe" position is side-lying, which I obviously can't do all day. When they took my BP yesterday, I believe it was 109/60, which is about normal for me. They said that it wouldn't take too much of a dip from there for me to feel woozy.

    I have 6 weeks until my due date and aside from the woozy spells and back pain, which has been going on long enough I'm almost used to it by now, I feel pretty good. We have a few more things I'd like to get before he's born and I have meetings Friday with a daycare and with my doula to discuss my birth plan. It feels like things are falling into place.

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    I've had gestational diabetes before, with the last pregnancy. It's a bit of a pain, but completely manageable. You may get lucky and not need insulin if you have it, sometimes it's managed by diet or pills. Try not to freak out too badly over the possibility, I was horrifically afraid when I was diagnosed the last time but I got through it, and it went away after I delivered. Cereal is horrible for both carbs and sugars so if you can lower your intake it's just better for you. Peanut butter will be your best friend and you can eat meat all your want though. Diet soda is also something to start in on if you're a fan of soda. If you cut out normal soda you're ditching a flipping ton of carbs and sugar. Diet is a hard transition, I made it by adding lemon to the diet colas or sipping on diet ginger ale. Koolaid is a good idea if you make it with artificial sweeteners like Splenda (they have the generic brands everywhere so look for those to save on money, as they don't come too cheaply) and it's not carbonated which makes it better for your bones anyway.

    The swelling can get to epic proportions, but if it gets too out of hand you need to let your doctor know. Last pregnancy was a freaking nightmare for edema to the point where you could see the waves of extra water rippling on the top of my feet, and taking a step was agony. I could make impressions into my skin over 6 inches deep. It creeped my husband right out. (Which was the only upside. It's funny to be able to torture your SO by being a human analog of silly putty ) No shoes would fit so I had to get new ones at the end, or wear slippers. I feel your pain believe me. Elevating your feet helps, but once you're back on your feet again the effects wear off pretty quickly.

    Also if you're having trouble sleeping, Tylenol PM is safe during pregnancy and you can take it every night if needed. I was afraid to use anything, especially every night so I spent a lot of nights completely miserable and frustrated. This time I am feeling a lot better, but I haven't hit the third trimester just yet and it's that last month that's a real challenge. I even remembered to buy my vitamins (I know some will find it laughable but I have to take Flintstones vitamins, as the adult prenatals make me horrifically nauseated) and am taking them every day so all those issues with my muscles feeling locked up and slow-moving haven't bothered me since.

    I have about 4 months to go now, and I'm also huge. To the point where people keep thinking I'm almost due. I'm still under my pre-pregnancy weight, but only by 3 pounds now so I'm finally covering some ground with baby weight. I've been really active and while I normally do eat a fairly decent diet, I keep craving chinese food or middle eastern food the most. I have a newly developed distaste for kielbasa, I'm still afraid to touch milk, I'm still digging sandwiches, and I really cannot stand fast food places at the moment. Despite all that, I'm still a little nervous about how much bigger I will get before she's born!
    Not so done having children after all. We're not ready for TTC quite yet but when we do get pregnant,the husband handed sole naming rights over to his name obsessed wife!

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    Tina, floridex is a suppliment I am on and my iron went up more than a point after about a month of use. I wasn't officially anemic, a bit borderline so now my me is happy. I have been wearing my slip on Merrills a lot now. No swelling or anything but they are easier to slide on especially in the morning's. Also having trouble sleeping here, unisom helps to a degree but I am up to pee a lot already at night. We are all excited for Christmas so that is keeping me busy. Andy is home now until the 2nd so I plan on sleeping in as much as possible!!!!

    I feel huge but everyone tells me I am "all baby belly" which is cool I guess. He is very active which is reassuring given my last pregnancy and I am measuring right on for my edd.
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