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    Women can be so harsh with describing the body types of other women, I am so sorry your mom has said that to you. Hugs. I do know that in general, a thinner framed woman will feel her baby sooner, but that is in general. Even so,mentioning your weight is rude none the less, your body is going to grow as the baby grows and she needs to stop talking about your body size all together and focus on helping you prepare physically and emotionally for your baby and her grandchild. Again, hugs.

    Welcome Audrey! My oldest daughter was a Valentines day baby too and my youngest is named Violet, so we have a lot in common already.
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    Kungfu you aren't being overly sensitive. It's not a kind thing today to any woman of any body type. I have read that thinner woman will more likely feel it sooner but I gained more weight than I care for a year before conceiving, this is my first and I felt movement for the first time at 13 weeks. It wasn't often and very subtle and became more obvious and daily at 17 weeks. I am almost 20 now and it just keeps getting more clear. Your placenta placement good be a factor, the amount of muscle tone youhavein your core etc... There are plenty of factors. Hang in there you'll be feeling the baby soon!

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    Thanks guys. I'm starting to suspect I've been feeling him for awhile now and attributing it to other things. I've always had some stomach issues so it's hard for me to tell what's a stomach rumble and what's a kicking baby. It seems like that it's happening more frequently now and that makes me think maybe I just didn't realize what was happening. While I had gained weight over the last several years, it wasn't to the point where I'd expect to be completely insulated from feeling what's happening inside my body. I've also read that first-time moms take longer to feel the baby move, which could easily be from inexperience in knowing what to look for. That's what I'm chalking it up to. Thanks again for the supportive words.

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    kungfu- I agree with the others. That wasn't a nice thing for her to say -- pregnant or not! I think you are feeling the baby and like others said, it's still early to be feeling consistent movement right now.

    audrey- are you going to find out if #2 is a boy or girl?

    jem- omg, I have a terrrible gag reflex while pregnant! Brushing my teeth sounds like I'm choking! I usually have a somewhat bad one... like if I am rushing with brushing or if I ate too much before brushing, I will gag. But when I'm pregnt it's daily..and annoying.

    tina, gigi, and ottillie- hope you are doing well.

    My blood pressure was better, but not perfect. I don't have to go back for 2 more weeks now. I think I'm heading in the right direction. I made some changes to try to improve my blood pressure and I really feel like they helped. It's hard work, but I think I was in a bad pattern of laying around doing nothing and saying I was "sick"... it seemed to be coming true. The more I did that, the more I couldn't eat enough and the worse I felt. So I got up and am moving around alot more and eating protein every hour or two to make sure I keep up with my blood volume increase. My uterus is measuring 28 weeks! (I'm 21 wks) So I'm not too concerned about having braxton hicks contractions because that's about the time I had them with previous pregnancies (3rd trimester) and 20ish weeks is when I started having them with the last twin pregnancy. I was taking my twin pregnancy for granted I think because I did it so well last time that I forgot just how hard and how much I actually did to keep them growing and healthy.
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    Glad to hear your bp is doing well crunchy!

    We are going CRAZY trying to think of a middle name for this little girl! We are pretty much settled on a first name because my husband felt immediately connected to it when we learned it was a girl, and since boy was his sex of choice, it was like an instant connection between him and the baby. It was also one of the names on my mind the most during pregnancy. Finding a middle name with good rythym, THAT's the challenge! I posted a thread on it but am still stumped. Any suggestions? We would like the middle name to honor family if possible, if not than something to do w/ our families heritage or the month of Feb. Here is my criteria, maybe some of you can help:

    Looking for variations of: Pearl (my grandma), Lynn (my mom), Nancy (MIL), Mark (my dad), Scott (my bro), Kyle (BIL), Lora/Laura (we both have great grandmothers named this), Marie. So far Marie has the best sound but I do not like the name (it is my grandmother Pearl, and aunt Natalie's mn). Lynn sounds ok and I know my mother would be so happy, but DH feels like we are always choosing my family over his. Our wedding was closer to where my family lives (doesn't count IMO since we got married where we lived/met and it was still 2hrs from my hometown in Canada, it was in the US so all his family w/out passports could still go and all his friends lived there), we *might* move back to where my family lives and are going back for Xmas this year and he hasn't been to see his family in a few years (I haven't had xmas with mine in 4 years either)... so IMO his points are invalid. Baby gets his last name. In addition, he is not close to his family AT ALL. It's like pulling to teeth to get him to call even his mom, who he is closest with. I talk with my family on a daily basis, we are all very close. It's not that I WANT to honor my family over his (I really do love his fam), I just don't want to be pressured one way or another.

    Can be a name having to do with the month of Feb as I said, or even a Japanese name, since DH is 1/4 Japanese. Baby was conceived in May and we would use "May" but that's an awkward story haha.

    DH likes the mn River, and I love it too, it just doesn't flow as well as I'd like. We met and were married on the river.

    FN finishes w/ an A, so MN's that start with an A often sound "run-on". FN is L heavy, last name is L and R heavy. FN is 3 syllable, LF is 2.

    Names so far: Marie, Lynn, Marine (DH said no, "it's silly" but I like it since it sounds like Marie and we met and were married on the water), Annalynn (Nancy is a variation of Ann, so this is sort of a way to mix both grandmothers names in there, would love other suggestions like this), Mei (sounds like May, it's also the month DH was born and the month we reconnected and our relationship began and blossomed... is also Japanese for "a dance", it's also a common Chinese name and this could insult his grandmother, would need to talk to her first), Skye (a way of mixing Scott and Kyle, has the same sound as SCott, but uses the letters of Kyle)...

    Possible names but will likely not make the cut: Emi (Japanese for beautiful), Aramante (Japanese, flower that never fades), Loren (a variation of Laura, Laurel but DH said no, it's a boy's name).

    Sorry for the long post! If you'd like to know the FN/LN pm me, I do not want to post our last name on the public internet and am holding off until I share the FN as I have mentioned in a previous post.

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