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    Aug 2012
    LN: Vogel

    DH: Michael James Vogel
    DW: Rosalina Lisbeth Vogel

    DS/DS/DS: Clemens Wolfgang, Luther Fabian, & Payton Quincy
    DD: Eve Tabitha "Evie"
    DD: Adelaide Faith "Addie"
    DS/DS: Bruno Vincent & Jett Hudson

    The Vogel Family:
    Michael, Rosalina, Clemens, Luther, Payton, Evie, Addie, Bruno, & Jett


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    Sep 2012
    DH: Ian Joseph Somerhalder
    DW: SH. Scarlett Haley Somerhalder

    9 Children.

    DS - London Hendrix Somerhalder
    DS/DS - Ryan Levi Somerhalder & Seth Felix Somerhalder
    DD/DD - Carrie Adelaide Somerhalder & Chelsea Martina Somerhalder
    DD/DS - Olive Darcy Somerhalder & Cole Hudson Somerhalder
    DS - Jett Finian Somerhalder
    DD - Poppy Caitlin Somerhalder


    Mommy to
    Violet Angelina 02/14/11 Our little Valentine's Day surprise
    January Lucia 01/01/13 Our little New Year's surprise
    Myles Nicoli 10/23/2014 Our little bundle of joy

    My Current Favorites are:
    Aria, Marcella, Cosette, Victoria, Coralie
    Myles, Graham, Bryce, Archer, Rowan

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    Sep 2012
    DH: Matthew James Morrison (Matt)
    DW: Juliana Paige (Juli)
    11 Births

    Birth 1: Girl - Macy Gabriella
    Birth 2: Girl/Girl/Girl- Harper Susannah, Leah Winter, Olivia Phoebe(Livvy)
    Birth 3: Boy/Boy- Blake Jordan & Austin Wyatt
    Birth 4: Girl/Girl - Lily Delaney & Hannah Kerry
    Birth 5: Boy - Mason Harley
    Birth 6: Girl/Girl - Piper Ciara & Stella Caitlin
    Birth 7: Boy - Henry Elliott
    Birth 8: Girl - Grace Nola (Gracie)
    Birth 9: Boy/Boy - Maximus Finn (Max) & Jackson Chase
    Birth 10: Girl/Girl/Girl- Bailey Garnet, Taylor Rose, Paige Scarlett
    Birth 11: Boy/Boy/Boy - Thomas Beck (Tommy), Joseph Preston (Joey), Andrew Isaac (Andy)

    Matt & Juli

    Macy, Harper, Leah, Livvy, Blake, Austin, Lily, Hannah, Mason, Piper, Stella, Henry, Gracie, Max, Jackson, Bailey, Taylor, Paige, Tommy, Joey, & Andy

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    Oct 2012
    Ohio USA
    DH: Michael James Vogel
    DW: Katherine Delilah Vogel

    DD/DD/DD: Althea Presley Vogel/Maris Rihanna Vogel/Reese Callas Vogel
    DS: Reuben Skyler Vogel
    DD/DD/DD: Martina Cheyenne Vogel/Paisley Ireland Vogel/Winona London Vogel
    DS: Hudson Cole Vogel
    DS: Ranger Jesse Vogel
    DS: Kingston Shane Vogel
    DS/DD/DD/DS: Ryder Elliott Vogel/Esme Margaret Vogel/Owen Gardiner Vogel/Piper Caroline Vogel
    DS: Edward Devlin Vogel

    Favorite names:
    Arabella Primrose,Charlotte Madeline,
    Atticus Fletcher, Tobias Jackson

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