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    Nov 2013
    DH: Ryan Thomas Gosling
    DW: Anna Stephanie *Morrison* Gosling

    DS/DS: Dempsey Harrison Gosling/Sebastian Guthrie Gosling
    DS/DD/DD/DS: Micah Dexter Gosling/Lydia Harper Gosling/Phoebe Georgia Gosling/Isaac Nelson Gosling
    DS: Houston Webb Gosling
    DD/DD: Darcy Juliette Gosling/Layla Florence Gosling
    DS/DS/DS: Rogue Sander Gosling/Mateo Phineas Gosling/Finian Harvey Gosling
    DD/DS: Erin Talullah Gosling/Sean Gulliver Gosling
    DD/DD/DD: Stella Margaret Gosling/Fiona Charlotte Gosling/Olivia Elizabeth Gosling
    DD/DS: Emerson Kaena Gosling/Graydon Chase Gosling
    DD/DD: Teagan Maisie Gosling/Tinsley Violet Gosling
    DD: Flannery Piper Gosling
    DD/DS: Edie Katherine Gosling/Arlo Nicholas Gosling
    DD/DD/DD: Mabel Justine Gosling/Grace Keaton Gosling/Eliza Bridget Gosling

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    Dec 2011
    DH: Robert Douglas Thomas Pattinson
    DW: Elizabeth Jane
    How Many Births: 11
    DS/DS/DS: Brady Donovan, Ryne Beck, & Troy Joplin
    DS: Skyler Levi
    DD/DS: Brooklyn Faith & Rory Jordan
    DD: Lilly Kiera
    DS/DD/DD/DS: Cody Finian, Macy Juniper, Miley Tatum, & Grady Mateo
    DS: Byron Liam
    DD/DD/DD: Daisy Catherine, Emily Fiona, & Lydia Violet
    DS: Graydon Cash
    DD: Avery Siena
    DS/DS: Flynn Hunter & Tyler Reed
    DS/DD/DD/DS: Henry Sheldon, Arya Louise, Lyla Jane, & Sawyer James

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    Jun 2014

    Not expecting any time soon, just collecting for the future!

    Aurelie Grace • Ottilie Skye • Charlotte Evangeline • Emmeline Kate

    Asher Graham • William Alec • Benjamin Kai • Finley James

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    LN: Lafferty

    DH: James Martin Lafferty
    DW: Tara Brianne Lafferty

    DD/DD: Marley Emmett Lafferty and Everly Maris Lafferty (18)
    DS: Dexter Jude Lafferty (15)
    DS: Aspen Wyatt Lafferty (14)
    DD: Haven Delaney Lafferty (10)
    DS: Jett Finian Lafferty (8)
    DS/DS: Atticus Lorcan Lafferty and Stellan Callum Lafferty (5)
    DD/DS: Matilda Caroline Lafferty and August Grey Lafferty (1)

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