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    Oct 2012
    South Carolina
    DH: Joshua Daniel Hartnett
    DW: Cadence Veronica Hartnett
    DS/DS: Dexter Kai Hartnett & Colt Guthrie Hartnett
    DD/DS: Delilah Embry Hartnett & Levi Flynn Hartnett
    DD: Paisley Adelaide Hartnett
    DD: Raven Elaine Hartnett
    DS/DD/DD/DS: Milo Barnaby Hartnett, Charlie Keagan Hartnett, Rory Harper Hartnett, & Hugo Finian Hartnett
    DD: Tallulah Niamh Hartnett
    DD/DD/DD: Matilda Jane Hartnett, Romy Elizabeth Hartnett, & Lola Sophia Hartnett
    DD/DD: Schuyler Nola & Emerson Rheya Hartnett
    DS: Rowan Maximus Hartnett

    Josh & Ronny:
    Dex, Colt, Lily, Levi, Paisley, Raven, Milo, Charlie, Rory, Hugo, Lulu, Tilly, Romy, Lola, Skye, Emmy, & Max.
    Sometimes, my southern comes out in name games... oops

    DD: Korra Jane
    DS: Currently undecided (my fiancee's fault!)

    Currently Loving...
    Little Ladies: Cora, Jane, Sadie, Scarlett, Ophelia, Macy, Ruby, & Paisley
    Southern Gents: Remington, Jasper, River, Spencer, Carter, Owen, Micah, & Colby

    No babies yet, just a fur mommy to two kitties... Aleelah Mae & Lulu Belle!

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    Jul 2011
    DH: Monroe Jackson Rathbone V (Roe)
    DW: Lyra Ruby

    DS: Indio Montgomery
    DS/DS/DS: Rufus Shepherd and Zebedee Felix and Phineas Barnaby
    DS/DS: Asa Henry and August Cormac (Gus)
    DS: Ezekiel Arthur (Zeke)
    DS/DS/DS: Hugo Dash and Moses Ronan and Kai Nigel (Moe)
    DS: Neville Calloway
    DD: Cosima Keturah (Mimi)
    DD: Adelaide Elizabeth (Lady)
    DD/DD: Magnolia Tabitha and Cleo Magdalene
    DS/DD/DD/DS: Ezra Flynn and Arabella Jemima and Ruby Aoife and Holden Willoughby
    DD: Matilda Saoirse (Tilly)

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    Feb 2010
    Ryan Thomas Gosling and Adriana Seren Gosling

    Katarina Pearl Gosling
    Henry Asher and Felix Jude Gosling
    Rory Jackson Gosling, Georgia Miranda Gosling, Adelaide Martina Gosling, Eli Dallas Gosling
    Brooks Lonan Gosling
    Cecilia + Daphne + Ronan + Henry

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    May 2009
    DH: James Martin Lafferty
    DW: Lila Ryann Lafferty

    8 births!
    1. boy/boy/boy
    - Austin Calloway, Brady Cole, Colt Lennon
    2. boy/boy
    - Jackson 'Jack' Isaac, Ryan Levi
    3. boy/girl/girl/boy
    - Landon Dallas, Carrie Madison, Paisley Carolina, Hayden Camden
    4. boy/boy/boy
    - Carter Blake, Hudson Kerry, Luca Kieran
    5. boy/boy
    - Mason Rory, Dean Mateo
    6. boy/girl/girl/boy
    - Conor Kingston, Caitlin Daisy, Shay Matilda, Sean Stellan
    7. girl/girl
    - Grace 'Gracie' Margaret and Sophia Caroline
    8. boy
    - Parker Gray

    "James and Lila have:
    Austin, Brady, Colt, Jack, Ryan, Landon, Carrie, Paisley, Hayden, Carter, Hudson, Luca, Mason, Dean, Conor, Caitlin, Shay, Sean, Gracie, Sophia and Parker"

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    Nov 2012

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