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    Oct 2012
    South Carolina
    DW: Lucy JosephineJo
    DH: Maximus CainMax

    DD: Felicity PearlEllie
    DS/DD: Levi Jasper & Kate AmaliyaLee & Katie
    DS: Gunner AndrewAndy
    DD/DD/DD: Dahlia Grace, Lily Kamilah, & Tallulah ClareLeah, Lily, & Lulu
    DS/DS: Clancy Vaughn & Atticus Nero “Clan & Ner”

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    Your first name comes from: Emily
    Your middle name comes from: Francesca

    Your husband's first name comes from: Philo "Phil"
    His middle name comes from: Jacob

    Your first baby is a gorgeous little girl!!
    Eleanor Peridot Bijou "Ellie"

    1 year later, you find out your pregnant again. You have boy/girl twins!!
    Zoe Kira Anastasia and Israel Thomas William "Issy"

    2 years go by, and you have another baby!! Its a boy.
    Gunner Patrick Charles

    A year later, you find out your having triplets!! They are all girls
    Poppy Georgia Ayn, Florence Juniper Apple "Flo" and Charlotte Maeve Wren "Lottie"

    3 years pass, and find out your having another...actually 2!! Both are boys.
    Jago Percival Kit and Jack Julius Cato

    Family is:
    Ellie, Zoe, Issy (B), Gunner, Poppy, Flo, Lottie, Jago and Jack
    ☆Isobel★Eloise☆Matilda★Alice☆Eleanor★ Amelia☆ Elena★Mirabel☆ Felicity★Phoebe ☆Eilidh ★Rosalia☆Roisin★Azalea☆Elsa★Arabella☆ Genevieve★Elodie☆Tallulah★Ruby☆
    ☆Eamon★Tiago☆Cooper★Jack☆Jago★Flynn☆ Archer★Lincoln☆Asher★Alfie☆Taylor★Baxter ☆Finnian★Lawson☆Jasper★Lewis ★Oscar☆Fletcher★Caspian☆Miller★

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    Your Name: Kate Augusta
    Husband: Cato Jude

    Gorgeous Girl <3
    Willow Coralie

    Boy/Girl Twins <3
    Kit Ivanna
    Cyrus Charles

    Charming Boy <3
    Jet Lee

    The Triplets! <3
    Iris Linden
    Ariana Snow
    Aster Grace

    Twin Boys! <3
    Oberon North
    Apollo Atticus

    Kate, Cato, Willow, Kit, Cyrus, Jet, Iris, Ariana, Aster, Oberon, and Apollo.
    Catelin Geneva
    Just highschooler by day author by night obsessed with names and future babies when she's much older.

    Cecily Eirwen Ophelia, Belphoebe Judith Primrose, Isolde Bellona Winter, Circe Guinevere Florence
    Rainier Gideon Wolf, Eddard Severus Wolf, Peregrin Julius Harrow, Dorian Oliver Fox, Casimir Endymion Silver

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    Me: Emma Gianna
    Husband: Cyrus David

    DD: Posey Gemma
    DD/DS: Petra Izabella and Levi Henry
    DS: Crew Simon
    DD/DD/DD: Dahlia Juno, Haven Laurel, Astrid Greer
    DS/DS: Stellan Hart and Urban Philo

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