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Thread: Bad spelling

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    OMG. I feel bad for this children ;(.

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    Last week on Facebook - Taloola (Tallulah)
    I also used to teach a girl called China pronounced Shar-na...go figure. She rolled her eyes at me when I called her China as in the country!
    Also at my son's school there's a FeBe (Phoebe) and a Hamarnie.

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    Madicyn (yikes).
    Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hazysummerskies View Post
    Aedan is the name of my past classmate's son. I think it looks hideous on paper, not too mention it's so tryndee.
    Aedan's a legit form of Aidan, though. It's one of the only ones you can make a strong case for, besides Aidan.

    Via Wikipedia:

    Áedán mac Gabráin (pronounced [ˈaiðaːn mak ˈɡavraːnʲ] in Old Irish) was a king of Dál Riata from circa 574 until his death, perhaps on 17 April 609. The kingdom of Dál Riata was situated in modern Argyll and Bute, Scotland, and parts of County Antrim, Ireland. Genealogies record that Áedán was a son of Gabrán mac Domangairt.
    I still don't like Adyn (which I've seen) or Aiden, but I'd cut Aedan a break, even without its accent marks.

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