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    Twins Tracy & Stacy... both boys.

    Braeyden & Laeyden... both brothers.

    Kyrie Rae... Spelled odd and the two R's being so close together making the pairing awkward to say.

    Dr. Dave David... a real doctor.

    And that's all I have for now.
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    My server the other day was named "Preshis" hahahahahhahahahahahahahahahaa. And in this book I want to read there are twins named Raeanne and Kaeleigh hahahahahhahahhahaha. Oh and on Maury there was this lady named Shabarbara hahahahahahaa.
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    K'la. As in Kayla.
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    When I worked at a credit union we had a member named Dickie Duke. Dickie was not a nickname. It was his real first name.
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    My friends mom went to school with a girl named Cigerette
    My mom went to school with a girl named Dorkus
    I went to school with a girl named Darian
    I work with a lot of kids, here are some of the best...
    Dogan (boy)
    Nakailen (boy)
    BrynnDenn (boy)
    Gardener (girl)
    Dawson (girl, and sister to Gardener)
    Grey (girl)
    Mother to four wonderful girls!

    Lorraine Amelie
    Temperance Avery
    Willow Evangeline
    Elsa Vivienne

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