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  • Georgia

    64 71.91%
  • Sage

    25 28.09%
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    I like both but not sure about Georgia G___. It might be a lot

    The fact that the hubs vetoed every other nature name but is agreeing to Sage would make me jump to use it (first or middle)

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    Love Sage. Hate Georgia.
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    Wow, this is a tough choice! Both are great names! I voted for Georgia as I just like the sound a feel of it slightly better, and I also find it easier to say with your last name. Sage G... is a little hard to say. Not terrible, but the "a" at the end of Georgia makes the name flow better.

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    Thanks for the feedback, everyone! We are thinking of Joylyn or Joylin for a middle name, which would be a combo of both our mother's names... But are not set on it. I do love Georgia Sage now that you mention it. You guys give such insightful feedback. It looks like most of you lean toward Georgia as a choice. You're right, she is very versatile.

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    Love Georgia Sage.

    Georgia is gorgeous. Georgie, Gigi or Gia are all cute options.

    Sage is pretty in meaning but visually sag & age put me off. Soundwise I don't love it either. I don't like that it has no nickname potential. But I think it's really cute in the middle. I group it with Fern or Nell or Olive when it comes to general feel/image/'s less lively than Georgia, more quirky/studious somehow?

    Meanwhile Georgia feels lively, bright, extroverted, sweet, fun. And I just like saying it better.

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