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    Personally I'm not a fan of smush names or combining family names to honor two people in one. Its nms.
    Why not have two middle names (I assume you don't want to use either as a frist).
    Faye Elaine as lis09 suggested sounds nice as either a fn/mn or simply two mns.
    Also are planning on having only one child? Do you need to honor both in the same name? If no I'd go with Elaine and hold onto Faye - mostly because it reminds me of Fae and then the word/concept of Fae-kin or Faekin or even Fayekin could work for a boy. (The last looks odd spelled but that kind of homage I'm okay with like Johnson if your naming your son after his (grand)father John).
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    Fayelle, Effie, Lafay (As in Morgan la fay? aka Morgana)
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    How about Faline (as in, the name of the doe that Bambi falls in love with). I've always thought that name had a pretty sound! It would be pronounced a little differently than Fay, but I think it still honors.

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    I think I'd just use both! Then you're really honouring these 2 important people in your life, instead of just inventing a new name. Alternatively, maybe their middle names are more conducive to a smoosh.

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    Faine is a name and means joyful.

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