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    A bigger initial game!

    Inspired by maggiemary's initial game

    Name the members of this extended family based on their initials:
    (the grandparents have 5 kids, each one with a first name starting with the letter A, and each one has their own family...based on my own extended family!)

    DH: TJN
    DW: AEN (née K)

    DD: ATEP
    -DH: MLP
    --DD: MEHP (31)
    ----DH: JDK (31)
    --DS: JLTP (25)

    DD: ASMN
    -DH: REP

    DD: ASMB
    -DH: KLB
    --DD: IKAB (22)
    --DD: AHKB (19)

    DS: AJON
    -DW: TKSL
    --DS: JERN (20)
    --DS: TVVN (16)

    DD: ALVK
    -DH: PSLK
    --DS: WEJK (22)
    --DS: SRK (21)

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    baby BOY arriving november 2015

    currently considering:
    Martin, Shepherd, Edmond, Teagan, Winston, Absalom
    a girl would have been named:
    Beatrix Judith

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    British Columbia
    DH: Thomas James Northeast
    DW: Amabel Emmeline Northeast (née Kross)

    DD: Antonia Teagan Ever Philips
    -DH: Michael Lysander Philips
    --DD: Magda Eleanor Harriet Philips (31)
    ----DH: Jack Darius Kilborn (31)
    --DS: James Leo Theodore Philips (25)

    DD: Allegra Susan Miriam Northeast
    -DH: Rhys Edward Page

    DD: Anastasia Saffron Melody Browne
    -DH: Kieran Levi Browne
    --DD: Imogen Katherine Amaryllis Browne (22)
    --DD: Azalea Honor Katniss Browne (19)

    DS: Archer Justice Oliver Northeast
    -DW: Tabitha Karolina Serenity Love
    --DS: Julian Eleazar Roscoe Northeast (20)
    --DS: Theodore Victor Vernon Northeast (16)

    DD: Amelia Lark Verity Kerr
    -DH: Phineas Simon Lucius Kerr
    --DS: William Elias Jared Kerr (22)
    --DS: Solomon Raoul Kerr (21)
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