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    I can't be the only one who dislikes...

    ...names that are considered "classics". I have nothing against old names, but some people on naming sites seem to think that only things like Elizabeth and Daniel are good names and hate on everything else. My dislike of "classics" comes from the fact that my first and middle names both fall into this category and I've never liked either, and also because it seems like every second person I meet is named Sarah or James and I'm tired of the same few names being repeated and repeated. Very few of them even sound good.

    Surely there's someone else here who shares my dislike of these names! (okay, so I do like a few, but only the ones I think sound good. The rest are unattractive in my opinion)

    Sorry if this thread is more like a rant than a discussion! I'm more used to posting on a more conservative board that loves the "classics" so I thought I'd get opinions here where naming tastes are much more varied.
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    I'm a lover of classic names, but I understand where you're coming from. Not everyone like the classic name choices and that's fine! Goodness, if we all had the same naming stlye, us Berries would be very boring.
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    I'm actually a big fan of classic names! But everyone's got their own style, so no judgments
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    It's hard to truly 'hate' something that defines most of the people you love so I can't say I hate classic names.

    I do agree with you that some of them are overused and the world would be a more interesting place if people considered and were brave enough to use less popular names.

    The problem is that for a lot of people "using less popular names" translates to Mykennia and Ryzan--that is making up your own or simply misspelling classics, which is even worse.
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    I think it's interesting that you say you "hate" classic names when some of the name combinations in your signature are very timeless and classic (Edward, Laura and Caroline).

    Sure, there are some names you hear over and over - like Sarah and Emily in my generation. But loads of "over done" names are not what would be considered "classic" - like the Jennifers and Kaitlyns of my generation. I'd pick a timeless choice any day over a trendy choice.

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