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View Poll Results: What is/are your favourite name combinations? Wren is a surname.

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  • Madalaine River Wren

    6 9.23%
  • Madalaine Artemis Wren

    10 15.38%
  • Madalaine Naia Wren

    4 6.15%
  • Madalaine Lyra Wren

    7 10.77%
  • Madalaine Niamh Wren

    1 1.54%
  • Madalaine Beatrix Wren

    20 30.77%
  • Madalaine Serafina Wren

    8 12.31%
  • Madalaine Luna Wren

    9 13.85%
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    Favourite name combination?


    I've looking for a middle name to go with the following first name and surname: Madalaine Wren. Please vote on what you think sounds/looks the best and if you have other suggestions please let me know!

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    Madalaine Serafina Wren is really beautiful, I like the ethereal sound of Serafina with Madalaine.
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    Madalaine Artemis Wren is lovely, but has the unfortunate acronym "maw." I went with Madalaine Beatrix Wren.
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    Another vote for Madalaine Beatrix Wren.
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    I voted for Madalaine Serafina Wren! I also really liked Beatrix & Luna.
    Just a few comments:
    River - River Wren sounds funny to me.
    Artemis - I like, but the flow is a bit clunky.
    Naia - Naia just rearranges some letters in madAlAINe. I dislike the continuous N sound in MadalaINE NAia.
    Lyra - A bit R & L heavy, but definitely pretty!
    Niamh - While I love Niamh, I hate to say it, but it's not the right name for the combo. Same continuous N problem as Naia, plus it's 1 syllable so not so great with the LN.
    Beatrix - I really like, but it didn't get my vote because it's the same amount of syllables as Madalaine and felt too long.
    Serafina - I know it's longer than Beatrix, but since it's more syllables than Madalaine, it felt like it balanced a bit better. Plus, I like the -ends in an a - sound with this combo.
    Luna - Really like this, just slightly L heavy.

    Top 3, in order of favourite to least favourite, are:
    Madalaine Seraphina Wren
    Madalaine Luna Wren
    Madalaine Beatrix Wren

    I just want to make 1 suggestion: Madalaine Bria Wren. This sort of combines elements of my top 3 - different amount of syllables, ends in a, has a B, not to heavy on one letter. Bria is really unique and cool, but sounds easy to pronounce / understand - I think it makes a beautiful middle name for Madalaine!

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