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    Help naming baby H!

    So we are down to 4 names, what are your thoughts?


    Middle names will be either Anne, Danielle or Elizabeth ) thank you for any and all opinions!

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    I like Charlotte anne!
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    My favorite would be Anneliese Danielle or Anneliese Elizabeth.
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    All names are quite lovely. If I had to pick one, I would go with Claire. It's simple, pretty, not that popular, and just a crystal clear, straightforward kind of moniker.

    I would steer you away from using Anneliese Elizabeth, if you're so inclined. It does sound lovely except that the -liese is a diminutive of Elisabeth.

    My combo vote would be for Claire Anne. So super simple that it's fabulous in its simplicity. Elizabeth is, dare I say, a bit boring in the middle spot. I think it's due to overuse and overexposure that I'm a bit blah toward it.

    I know Anneliese isn't a middle name option, but how would you feel about Charlotte Anneliese?

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