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    If I had a daughter this year, and I named her my true favorite name, I would name her Scarlett Amelia.
    If I had a baby right now, I'd name it,
    Scarlett Amelia or Emerson Joseph.
    I also like Cashel, Gabriel, Genevieve, & Juliette. + So much more.
    I'm Ashley btw, and I'm 20!

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    Magnolia Irene nn May and/or Maisie (but not Maggie as per DH )

    Irene is my mom's name and my fav mn, both for the significance and because I think it's lovely with many fn options. Magnolia we just both got hooked on together.
    We are due in Dec, so if it's a girl and if we don't change our minds before then (2 huge ifs!), this will be her name! Love this more than any current top boy's name, so kind of hoping for a girl just for the name.

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    btw, so many gorgeous names in this thread! loved reading them all.

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    I have my girl names down to two and love them both equally. But I already decided that the first one will be because it can translate in both English and Italian.

    In the French/English form and official birth certificate: Annelise Violette

    In Italian: Annelisa Violetta

    Usually Annelisa is spelt Annalisa in Italy, but I just can't get past the Annal part! Is anyone else bothered by that with that spelling, or is it just me? I also was using the form of Violet for a long time with this name, but after hearing comments that Violet is too Violent, Violette really started growing on me, and now I prefer it!
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    Miles Dean : Brynn Alexandra

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