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    Lightbulb Amazon Warrior Names

    I did some research this evening on Amazon warrior names. I thought there were some pretty cool names, so I've decided to share them with you.

    Names of Amazon Warriors:
    Penthesilea (Silea on its own might be pretty as well)
    Kleoptoleme (I would not recommend naming your daughter Kleoptoleme for various reasons, but it is an interesting name, so I thought it deserved to be included.)
    Alkaia (Alcaia might be a nice alternate spelling if the k is too harsh, it makes it seem soft like Acacia.)
    Thalestris (That I could see on a boy, though all Amazon warriors were women)
    Toxaris (some people might think toxic, but I could sort of see it on a boy, even though it was originally-as far as I know- a female name. The meaning is archer.)

    Names associated with Amazon warriors:
    Amazon (Surely you saw that coming!)
    Artemis- the Amazon warriors worshiped the Greek goddess Artemis.
    Harmonia- Greek mythology describes them as descendants of the goddess Harmonia and the god Ares.
    Ares- see above
    Greecia- Okay, I admit I made that one up, but Amazon warriors are mentioned much in Greek mythology. And Greecia sounds cool.

    Names with warrior meanings: (of course there are lots of them so I tried to pick some interesting ones)
    Alyth- ascending, rising
    Alala- war-like
    Alivia- elf army
    Andrea- man, warrior
    Bellatrix- female warrior
    Bellona- war-like
    Brielle- warrior of God
    Clotilda- famous battle maid
    Eadgyth- rich battle (modern form is Edith)
    Earleen/Earlene/Earline- warrior, prince/princess
    Hedwig- contending battle
    Herminia- army man
    Imelda- all warrior
    Louella- famous warrior (I think it looks better spelled Luella, though)
    Lulu- who would've thought sweet, innocent Lulu meant famous warrior?
    Ptolema- aggressive, warlike (I wouldn't recommend it, but it still deserves a place here)
    Romilda- famous battle
    Tillie- mighty in battle
    Thyra- Thor's warrior
    Viveka- war
    Zelda- gray battle maiden

    Which ones are your favorites?

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    Thanks for this!

    Zelda is the most usable but I've been thinking about Hedwig lately.

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    I like Clotilda if you could get people to use the KLO-tilda like Chloe-matilda mashed, and not clot-ilda. But people will mess it up I think.

    I do like Xantippe. But it's sort of a lot of name.

    Zelda is very usable to me but I'm used to it having a different meaning "lucky" because I'm used to the Yiddish background. I don't think of it as a warrior name.

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    I needed a name for an Amazon OC, and I really like Viveka. This helped a lot!

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    I like

    Cool names, thanks for doing this!
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