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    Favorite "clunky" names?

    Do you have any favorites "clunky" names? What are they? And what names would you consider to fall into this category?

    They can be "so clunky that they're cool" sorts of names or just plain clunky and unfashionable, but I'd like for them to be names that you actually like.

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    I like Ottilie Olivia but would never use it because the Double O is too clunky (or James Bond-sy lol)
    Abigail "Abby", Beatrix "Trixie", Charlotte "Charlie", Dianna "Annie" Sisters 4 Life <3

    Top Two Combos: Violet Moon and Harrison Pike "Harry"

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    Wilhelmina is my favorite if that can be considered clunky. My husband loves William but doesn't like Wilhelmina. He did say it could be a possible middle name for a daughter though so I am making progress.
    I also like Henrietta but with our surname starting with H and only being one syllable, it sounds very weird and clunky.

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    What is a clunky name???
    Alma . Amity . Anwen . Ceridwen . Eira. Emeline . Emilie
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