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    Hi! With Owen, Sullivan and Annabel, I think Fiona and Maeve are the best matches. They are such pretty Irish names, and
    Fiona Juliet or Maeve Juliet would be stunning! Maeve could have the nn of Mae, which I love.
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    ^^ I agree completely. Maeve Juliet is a ravishing, very feminine name with a great deal of strength to it. I think Julie and Juliet are much, much more different than that final letter would suggest. Julie is sunny '70s cuteness, whereas Juliet is staid, serious femininity.

    Do you hate all of the Roman Jul- names, or just Julie in particular? Some variants would take the pronunciation even farther away from Julia:

    Juliette (emphasis on the ette, and a French zha to start)
    Julianna (emphasis on the aaaah-na)
    And any Slavic variant where the J morphs into a Y sound...
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    Fiona Maeve sounds wonderful!

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    Lol, I feel the exact same way about Julie and Julia!! Jules too. I love Juliet/Juliette but I know that she would get called Julie and/or Jules and I really hate them!

    I think Julietta would sound great with Annabel. I love the suggestions of Fiona Maeve and Fiona Juliet!

    What about Ariella or Josephine?

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    I lovelovelove Olive! I think Annabel, Sullivan, Owen, and Olive are just perfect together, I especially love Annabel and Olive for sisters, and the nn Liv(y) is just adorable, imo.

    I agree with a lot of the pps, though--I think Julie is totally avoidable if you don't like it. Jules, Juju, Lulu, Liet, Etta, Lettie, etc. could all be options above Julie. I think a lot of people think of Julie as tired, anyway.

    Olive would get my vote, followed by Daphne, but I think Juliet would be fine, too.

    Good luck!
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