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    Would it be possible to get away with...

    naming your son Nazareth? Or is that just WAY too far fetched?

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    A little out there. But sounds good. I'd consider it but it's not my style.

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    I think you could get away with it, but I would use it as a middle name. What do you name a sibling to Nazareth?

    ETA: Nicknames could be (these will be a tad stretchy) Nate, Nat, Ari, Zan, or Rhett.
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    I've spent way too much time buried in the SSA lists of the last 130 years, but with that caveat it's out there but probably not way too out there. I think I've seen it used by small numbers of kids (like 5 or so) in some years. Nazar is used in Russian and Nazario in Spanish and Italian, and Nazarius was a late Latin name.

    Not sure it lends itself to nicknames...I agree the sound is pleasing.

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    It's TOO out there for my tastes and it's very religious, which would make me uncomfortable.... but if those two things don't bother you then use it

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