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    Cool "C" Names...

    Similar to the 'Best "B" Names-Top Five' created by Berry, jenngiesue.

    I want to know your top 5 boys and girls for "C" names that you would actually use. If needed, you can also use the "K" variant.

    "ȶɦɛ ӄռɨɢɦȶṩ օʄ ռօʋ"
    αsριαη Aтℓαs Łενι | Ƶєρнуʀυs Aℓαη Ρѕαℓм | Ρнσєηιχ Aтσм Ɲιєℓ

    "ȶɦɛ ɮɛǟʊȶɨɛṩ օʄ ɛʍɮɛʀ"
    Łιℓια A∂єℓʀυɳє ℓαiʀє | Ɲασмι Aʀтεмιs Ƒαε | Ιѕαвєαυ A∂ℓυмια вℓутнє


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    Writer "mom" of three fabulously named girls (Dahlia, Imogen, and Elliott) and two boys (Finn and Jethro/Jet); real-life mom to Scottie dog fur-child, Eagan Fitzgerald.

    Soon-to-be adoptive mom of a South Korean cutie named Desmond (or possibly Colm???). Follow our adoption story at

    Fave girl names: Maeve, Talullah, Roisin, Saoirse, Fionnuala
    Fave boy names: Desmond, Colm, Finn, Hugo, Milo, Django

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    This is an easy one, as C names seem to be my favorites right now.

    1. Callie
    2. Carleigh
    3. Charlotte
    4. Caroline
    5. Clara

    1. Cohen
    2. Callum
    3. Carson
    4. Cameron
    5. Christian

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    Swansea, Wales
    1. Charlotte
    2. Claire
    3. Crea (prn. Cree)
    4. Canaid (CAN-ide)
    5. Ceinwen (KYNE-win)

    1. Charles
    2. Chase
    3. Cian
    4. Colwyn
    5. Conan

    Proud mama to..

    Eliska Seraphine (b. 3rd March 2001)
    Gabriel Blake 'Gabe' (b. 12th May 2008)
    Naomi Sage (b. 22nd August 2010)
    Scarlett Rowena (b. 28th September 2012)
    Murphy Atticus (b. 28th September 2012)

    Top Choices:
    Coralie Nell ~ Juliette Rue ~ Claira Mae
    Willard Pasha ~ Hugo Elliott ~ River Thackeray

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