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Thread: Sunset?

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    I like Sunset Jessica Ashdown, too. It's more hippie/nature to me (which I think is good) than trashy strippery, and I find it hard to believe that once there's an actual child to attach it to that people will think it's any of the negative things people are saying about it. I say if you still like it and find it "perfect" and "dreamy," then don't cross it off the list!

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    Since you asked for brutal honesty, no I don't think it's usable at all. It's really trying too hard to be different.

    Middle spot would be ok, I am also a "anything goes in the middle" kind of person. Or maybe you can use two middles?

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    Sunset feels very tacky to me, like for an adult entertainer.

    What about Sunniva?

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    It sounds like the name of a horse..not a little girl

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    Honestly, I usually LOVE "out there" names...heck, we're pretty sure our son's mn will be Rocket! BUT, Sunset in comparison with the down-right FABULOUS names you've given your sons just doesn't "shine" (pardon the pun). :-(. I mean, Vale, Flynn, and Darby are FAN-FRICKIN-TASTIC! Sunset just seems cheap and trailer-trashy next to them...also, dare I say, slightly stripperish (sorry!). And I really dislike the nn Sunny - always have.

    I feel I really need time to think through a good name to fit into this mix, but off the top of my head I can come up with these:


    None of those seem perfect, and really if YOU love Sunset...well, it's YOUR kiddo. You can do whatever you want; so take what I've said with a grain of salt. :-). GL to you!
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