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Thread: Sunset?

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    Thankyou all. I am rethinking with your comments so obviously not the one! May be I'll save it for our next dog...!

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    I like it though! Especially with your last name. It creates a warm, glowing, beautiful image. It doesn't sound anything like the boys' names, which I find important when thinking of names. Are you going to stop with the fourth baby? If so, it would be a nice symbolism, too. I say forget the haters, keep this on the list!

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    Quote Originally Posted by arunciblespoon View Post
    Sorry but no. Sunny is sweet perhaps as a middle or a nickname, but Sunset feels very tacky to me, a bit stripper/hooker/hippy. I love her siblings names though.
    I agree. Too hippy-dippy on one end or trashy on the opposite.

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    Still liking this... oh dear, can't decide. Sunset Jessica Ashdown, just sounds so dreamy and perfect to me... maybe not though... Haha, I'm so indecisive!

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    I think it could be sweet in the middle. Sunset is very hippie/out-there, but on top of that it's hissy/ S heavy to my ear. Maybe Twyla or even Dusky or Golden or some other out-there naturey word name with a nicer sound & similar image? Or look for names that mean sunset? I don't think Sunset is a terrible, cruel's really not, nut I think you could do better sound-wise while projecting the style/image you're going for.

    Twyla Sunset?
    Jessica Sunset?

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