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Thread: BNG Story.

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    BNG Story.

    You're a twenty-year old college student, and your younger brother and his friend come up to see you. You and your brother's friend end up having a lot in common, and he asks you out one week after arriving. After he graduates high school, he goes to the same college as you. On the day of both of your graduations (Since you took a year off after high school, and he graduated early), he proposes to you! You get married three months later!
    1.) Your name and your brother's friend's name/your boyfriend/husband
    2.) The college you go to
    3.) You and your boyfriend's college majors
    4.) Where you get married
    5.) Where you honeymoon

    When you get back from your honeymoon, you find out your pregnant! You and your husband are both exited, and nine months later, you have a baby girl!
    6.) Baby girl’s name

    You love your little girl, but now want a boy. So you try for a boy! You end up pregnant with twins! But, they’re both girls. Their first names must both start with “A”, but they can’t be similar. Their middle names have to start with “M”
    7.) Baby girl name
    8.) Baby girl name

    A year later, your daughter is 2, and the twins are one, and you decide to try for a boy again. And, nine months later, you give birth to a boy! His first name can be anything, but his middle must be after your father
    9.) Baby boy name

    Two years later, your daughter is off to preschool, and you miss having a baby around the house, so convince your husband for another baby. He agrees, and you try for another one. But you have no luck, and turn to fertility treatments. And you get more than you bargained for! You get NONUPLETS! That’s NINE more children! You have five girls, and four boys! One girl you name after a favorite book character, one girl you name after a favorite movie character, one girl you name after a favorite actress, one girl you name after a famous singer, one girl you name after a state/province/territory, one boy you name after a favorite book character , one you name after a famous actor, one boy you name after a favorite movie character (Different from girl), and one you name after a famous singer. The middle names are after relatives.
    10.) Book character girl
    11.) Movie character girl
    12.) Actress girl
    13.) Singer girl
    14.) State/Province/Territory girl
    15.) Book character boy
    16.) Actor boy
    17.) Movie character boy
    18.) Singer boy

    After thirteen kids, you decide your done. And a television director sees you with all your kids, and offers you your on TV show!(Like Jon & Kate Plus Eight)
    19.) Name of the show

    Four years later, you start to miss having a baby, and the show ratings are going down, so you and your husband decide to try for one more baby. But you have no luck, so go to fertility treatments. And by some miracle, you end up with undecaplets !! Your ecstatic, and surprised! Your husband is a little unsure about having eleven more children, and is still undecided, but after their born, they have him wrapped around their fingers! You have seven girls, and four boys! You work with a theme for the first names, and middle names (Different themes)
    20.) Girl name
    21.) Girl name
    22.) Girl name
    23.) Girl name
    24.) Girl name
    25.) Girl name
    26.) Girl name
    27.) Boy name
    28.) Boy name
    29.) Boy name
    30.) Boy name

    After twenty-three children, you decide your done for sure, and get your tubes tied. You decide to get a dog for the kids. What’s the breed?
    31.) Dog’s breed, and name

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    Me: Emma Catherine Bruccoliere.
    College: Harvard University.
    Degree: Studies of Women, Gender, and Sexuality.

    Brother: Christopher Michael "Chris" Bruccoliere.
    Chris' Friend: Joshua Thomas Alban.
    Chris' College: Harvard University.
    Chris' Degree: Visual and Environmental Studies.
    Josh's College: Harvard University.
    Josh's Degree: Sociology.


    Honeymoon: Republic of Botswana in Africa.
    Home: Portland, Oregon

    1. Charlotte Rose "Charlie" Alban.
    2. Alice Mathilde Alban.
    3. Aurora Marie "Rory" Alban.
    4. Eric Scott Alban.
    5. Hermione Paige "Mia" Alban.
    6. Belle Antoinette Alban.
    9. Anne Michelle Alban.
    10. Lana Phyllis Alban.
    11. Adelaide Laura "Addie" Alban.
    12. James Anthony Alban.
    13. Robin Timothy Alban.
    14. Michael Ryan "Mike" Alban.
    15. Edward Brian "Ed" Alban.

    Show: The Albans.

    16. Ella Jillian Alban.
    17. Amelia Josephine Alban.
    18. Merida Jordan Alban.
    19. Esmeralda June Alban.
    20. Tiana Juliet Alban.
    21. Jasmine Joy Alban.
    22. Ariel Jessica Alban.
    23. Remy Jerome Alban.
    24. Milo Jacob Alban.
    25. Peter John Alban.
    26. Flynn Joseph Alban.

    Dog: Disney

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    LN: Fereday

    DW: Violet Willow
    DH: Dylan George

    College: ICMS
    Majors: Events & Business
    Married: Queenstown, NZ
    Honeymoon: Fiji

    DD: Everly Anastasia
    DD/DD: Asha Maebelle & Autumn Mariana
    DS: Tyler Stefan

    DD: Mary Honore
    DD: Holly Elisabeth
    DD: Hayden Mackenzie
    DD: Reigan Amy
    DD: Victoria Rowan
    DS: Caleb Sinclair
    DS: Chace Abraham
    DS: Augustus Riley
    DS: Benny Ryder

    Show name: Fereday Fifteen

    DD: Daisy Ace
    DD: Blossom Bay
    DD: Phoenix Cai
    DD: Poppy Dawn
    DD: Scarlett Elle
    DD: Sparrow Finn
    DD: Ruby Grace
    DS: Corbin Hayes
    DS: Caspian Ike
    DS: River Jett
    DS: Jasper Kain

    Dog: Border collie names Lulu
    ~ Expecting a little princess March 2016 <3 ~

    Summer | Amber | Charley | Freja | Hayley | Bella | Nahla
    Tyler | Ryan | Micah | Roman | Henry

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    Last Name: Grayson

    DH: Nicholas Oliver *Nick* (communications)
    DW: Sara Charlotte {Peterman} (graphic design)
    College: School of the Art Institute of Chicago
    Married: Hyde Park
    Honeymoon: Tahiti

    DD: Kira Madelyn
    DD/DD: Arden McKinley / Avery Mercy
    DS: Preston Davis

    DD: Ramona Kathryn
    DD: Holly Rita
    DD: Viola Eleanor
    DD: Taylor Maureen
    DD: Alaska Joanne
    DS: Draco Mark
    DS: Bennett Alexander *Ben*
    DS: Luke William
    DS: Matthew Gerald *Matty*

    Show: The Great Graysons

    20.) Ariel Topanga
    21.) Bethany Monica
    22.) Courtney Sabrina
    23.) Dana Blossom
    24.) Eve Gwendolyn
    25.) Flora Kelly
    26.) Georgia Elaine
    27.) Harry Carlton
    28.) Isaiah Jesse
    29.) Jack Eric
    30.) Kenneth Arnold

    After twenty-three children, you decide your done for sure, and get your tubes tied. You decide to get a dog for the kids. What’s the breed?
    31.) German Shepard named Zane
    "I love first times. I want my entire life to be composed of them."
    -Lucien Carr, Kill Your Darlings

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