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    What Animated Movies Are Good For Little Ones?

    I'm not a mom yet, but I work with kids at our church. I also watch a lot of Disney and other animated movies at home.

    But, I've noticed that some of them could be quite scary for younger kids. Lots of them are somewhat violent and have several scary scenes. A lot of them also have magical creatures and places that might be quite scary to some.

    My sister and I were able to watch every Disney movie we had just fine, without any problems, but we don't scare easily and were never prone to nightmares.

    So, what animated movies do your kids watch? Do you think Disney and other movies of the same sort are just fine for young kids (like age 3-6)?

    What ones do you think young kids could enjoy without being scared? I think of Cinderella, The Jungle Book and the AristoCats right away.

    Just curious to know your thoughts.
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