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Thread: BNG Story!

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    BNG Story!

    You're 17 and meet a great guy named ______. You fall in love and both go to college to study ______&______. After four years of dating he proposes. You marry in _______ and honeymoon on ______ .

    2 years later you decide to try for a baby. You soon become pregnant with twin boys you name them names that are similar in popularity. What are their names?

    When you boys are 2 you decide to have another. You are so happy when you giver birth to a baby girl you name her ______.

    When you sons are 5 and you daughter is 3 you become pregnant this time with triplets! You give birth to two girls and a boy. You name them ______,______&______

    You decide to try for another to keep your youngest son company. You are really surprised when you end up with two more boys. You name them ______,______.

    You decide you have enough kids now but unexpectedly fall pregnant you give birth to a beautiful baby girl you fall immediatley in love with her you name her ______.

    When your Youngest daughter is 3 you miss the feel of a baby in your arms so you try for one more baby. You give birth to another baby girl and are absolutely thrilled you name her ______.

    Now you kids are 42,42,40,37,37,37,35,35,33,29
    Describe them do they have any children

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    Me: Emma Rachael McConaughey (Cox).
    DH: Edward Raphael McConaughey.

    College: Roger Williams University.
    Major: Accounting.

    Edward's College: Western New England University.
    Edward's Major: Sociology.

    Shoes: http://itsyourweddingblog.files.word...5&h=525&crop=1
    Flower Girl:
    Ring Bearer:

    Bridesmaids: Sara Danielle Garner, Bethany Catherine Leto, Amanda Leanne O'Hare, Kaitlin Rose Zahn, & Jessica Hope O'Neill.
    Groomsmen: Thomas Edmond Barkley, Joshua Alexander Roberts, Christopher James Wayne, Victor Bennett Dunne, & Isaiah Brian Vass.
    Flower Girl: Adeline Catharine Rankin.
    Ring Bearer: Caiden Gabriel DuPlantier.

    - Central Falls, Rhode Island.

    1. Jacob Christopher McConaughey.
    2. Noah Alexander McConaughey.
    3. Sophie Isabelle McConaughey.
    4. Ella Christiane McConaughey.
    5. Paige Elisabeth McConaughey.
    6. Aiden Michael McConaughey.
    7. Liam Peter McConaughey.
    8. Levi Daniel McConaughey.
    9. Chloe Victoria McConaughey.
    10. Sarah Penelope McConaughey.

    Jacob's Wife: Abigail Grace McConaughey (Tyler).
    Jacob's Daughter: Hannah Cameron McConaughey.
    Jacob's Daughter: Ava Persephone McConaughey.
    Jacob's Son: Leander Robert McConaughey.

    Noah's Wife: Emilia Rochelle McConaughey (Wilcox).
    Noah's Daughter: Isabella Marie McConaughey.
    Noah's Son: Jayden Paul McConaughey.

    Sophie's Husband: Ian Samuel Evermore.
    Sophie's Daughter: Juliet Ann Evermore.
    Sophie's Daughter: Ophelia Beth Evermore.
    Sophie's Daughter: Athena Leanne Evermore.

    Ella's Husband: Matthias Phillip Casselberry.
    Ella's Son: Owen Brent Casselberry.
    Ella's Son: Zain Samuel Casselberry.
    Ella's Daughter: Liana Emme Casselberry.
    Ella's Daughter: Sadie Michelle Casselberry.
    Ella's Son: Keegan Jonathan Casselberry.

    Paige's Husband: William Edmund Nichols.
    Paige's Son: Declan Leonard Nichols.
    Paige's Daughter: Averie Gabrielle Nichols.

    Aiden's Wife: Isla Aphrodite McConaughey (Lofland).
    Aiden's Daughter: Imogen Alice McConaughey.
    Aiden's Daughter: Hermione Eleanor McConaughey.
    Aiden's Daughter: Aria Minerva McConaughey.
    Aiden's Daughter: Zenobia Felice McConaughey.
    Aiden's Son: Zephyr Marcus McConaughey.

    Liam's Wife: Alma Christiane McConaughey (Lee).
    Liam's Son: Devlin Saul McConaughey.
    Liam's Son: Kaiden Olivier McConaughey.
    Liam's Son: Graham Anthony McConaughey.
    Liam's Daughter: Arna Annabelle McConaughey.

    Levi's Wife: Jillian Roselle McConaughey (Cheek).
    Levi's Son: Asher Kellan McConaughey.
    Levi's Son: Stellan Archer McConaughey.
    Levi's Daughter: Noelle Bloom McConaughey.

    Chloe's Husband: Bryan Kristopher Sheridan.
    Chloe's Daughter: Calliope Rosmarie Sheridan.
    Chloe's Daughter: Izabelle Susan Sheridan.

    Sarah's Husband: Walter Joseph Witherspoon.
    Sarah's Daughter: Savannah Belle Witherspoon.

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    Me: Juliette Marie Richmond (Mann).
    DH: Sylvan Michael Richmond.

    1. Dillon Marcus Richmond.
    2. Tyson Charles Richmond.
    3. Emme Veronica Richmond.
    4. Louise Alice Richmond.
    5. Haley Sloane Richmond.
    6. Brandon Kevin Richmond.
    7. Finlay Joseph Richmond.
    8. Maddox Aaron Richmond.
    9. Adaline Renee Richmond.
    10. Nadia Rose Richmond.


    DH: Dillon Marcus Richmond.
    DW: Manuela Catherine Richmond (Holloway).
    - Ereka Charlotte Richmond.
    - Iris Adelaide Richmond.
    - Morley Beatrice Richmond.

    DH: Tyson Charles Richmond.
    DW: Arianna Elizabeth Richmond (Barone).
    - Victoria Elias Richmond.
    - Analia Scarlett Richmond.
    - Davian Francis Richmond.
    - Hannah Michael Richmond.
    - Theora Eleanor Richmond.

    DH: Eamon Alexander Hecht.
    DW: Emme Veronica Hecht (Richmond).
    - Heidi Elinor Hecht.

    DH: Maverick George Pringle.
    DW: Louise Alice Pringle (Richmond).
    - Selena Jean Pringle.
    - Natalia Grace Pringle.
    - Thea Mary Pringle.
    - Isabelle Rae Pringle.

    DH: Forrest Edward Oberman.
    DW: Haley Sloane Oberman (Richmond).
    - Emelyn Rochelle Oberman.

    DH: Brandon Kevin Richmond.
    DW: Hanna Felice Richmond (Markoe).
    - Theodore Robert Richmond.
    - Eloise Rosemarie Richmond.
    - Genevieve Rachael Richmond.

    DH: Finlay Joseph Richmond.
    DW: Alia Kathleen Richmond (Miranda).
    - Saxon Oliver Richmond.
    - Jaxon Grant Richmond.
    - Kylie Imogen Richmond.

    DH: Maddox Aaron Richmond.
    DW: Violet Edith Richmond (Astrof).
    - Bryan Scott Richmond.
    - Deidra Vivien Richmond.

    DH: Bronson Graham Sikowitz.
    DW: Adaline Renee Sikowitz (Richmond).
    - Zorah Paige Sikowitz.

    DH: Caden Raphael Lower.
    DW: Nadia Rose Lower (Richmond)>
    - Amelia Helen Lower.
    - Marley Josephine Lower.

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