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    Name-Personality Match Up (create a character)

    Hi all! This is my first new thread! Yay! So, anyway, this is how it's going to work.

    I will start with an age and a personality. Let's say I put down, "14 year old girl who is a competitive gymnast, excels at science and loves to bake."

    The next person to post would add a name, for example, Brianna Jones. (It must be at least
    first and last; middle name(s) optional.)

    Then, he or she would write a new personality, age and gender, and the next poster would name him or her, and on and on.

    Let's get started! (This one is official.)
    Gender: F Age: 9 Personality: (insert name) is a very talented performer whose interests include playing the cello, acting, and ballet. She is a total ham and most at home on the stage. Oddly, she cannot give an oral presentation in front of a class to save her life.

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    Verona Juliet del Toro.

    Gender: M. Age: 13. Personality: Serious and quiet. Responsible, dependable, thorough. Dreams of being a traditional politician.

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    Thank you so much for responding!
    Gerard Oliver Bellanger.
    Gender: F. Age: 14. Personality: (insert name) is a disciplined, dedicated and determined clarinetist and volleyball player, as well as being a straight-A student. She dreams of competing in the olympics or being principal clarinetist of a prestigious orchestra- she can't choose which. She has Russian and Italian heritage, so you may want to use that.

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    Katarina Rose Di Toro. "Katie"

    Gender: M. Age: 16. Personality: (insert name) is a bright, and fantastic trumpet player. He is also a fairly good student (mostly A's and a couple B's), and loves marching band. He wants to someday join a drum corps and travel the country with them. He not athletic - opposite of his twin brother, (Name him too if you'd like), who isn't musically inclined, also does only average at school. He/they are of Spanish and Irish heritage, if that helps.
    Momma to little Theodore Jack (7/2/14)

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    Thanks for responding!
    To clear things up, the kids do not need to be siblings, thought they can if you want.

    Seamus Roberto McConnell

    Age: 14. Gender: female. (Insert name) is a smart, curious, eager girl who loves animals, lives for the spotlight and is terrible at any sport that does not involve some element of dance, ice or gymnastics. She figure skates competitively and wants to get a pHD in marine biology or zoology, preferably both. She is of German, Irish, Welsh, and Russian heritage, though mostly German.

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