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    Mother Wants/Father Wants Rules CAF

    NOTE: I have never seen this kind of name game before, so if you would like to borrow this idea and make your own, please credit me (and message me! I'd love to see your take on the idea! ) Thank you.

    DS: Mother Wants: A name honouring her father, Arthur Benjamin.
    Father Wants: A name that sounds strong, that isn't too old fashioned.

    DD: Mother Wants: A name that is sweet & girly.
    Father Wants: A name honouring his mother Paulina Nancy.

    DD: Mother Wants: A name honouring her sister Frances June.
    Father Wants: A name honouring his great aunt Betty Lou.

    DS: Mother Wants: A name that you rarely hear.
    Father Wants: A name to honour his father's love of trees.

    DD: Mother Wants: A short & sweet name.
    Father Wants: A tomboyish name.

    DS/DD: Mother Wants: Matching initials.
    Father Wants: Names honouring his brothers, Ace Oliver & Paul Samson.
    Jude, blackbird.

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