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    Name the babies again! Results!

    I haven't been able to get on the past few days, but here are the results!

    Family 1:
    LN: Jensen
    DH: Ian Garrett Jensen
    DW: Uma Paloma Jensen
    DD: Ivy Andrea Jensen (8) (shanade213)
    DS: Noah Quinn Jensen (5) (meganlee2012)
    DS: Asher Adalius Jensen (3) (oboeplayer1)
    DD/DD: Vivian Amelia and Eleanor Olivia (nb) (acl)

    Family 2:
    LN: Rocky
    DH: Nicholas Wade Rocky "Nick"
    DW: Hailey Grace Rocky
    DS/DS: Rilen James Rocky and Eastyn Luke Rocky (13) (nyysfg27)
    DD/DS: Londyn Mae Rocky and Linkin Max Rocky (7) (meganlee2012)
    DD: Haidyn Rose Rocky (4)
    DS: Carsyn John (nb) (drvc)

    Family 3:
    LN: Anton
    DH: Filip John Anton
    DW: Claire Elise Anton
    DD: Hannah Amelia Anton (14)
    DD: Elliana Charlotte Anton (7) "Ellie" (nyysfg27)
    DS: Kellan Striker Anton (5) (lifesaboutmusic)
    DD/DD: Gemma Blair Anton and Ariel Lark Anton (2) (bb)
    DS: Beckham Kendall (nb) (shanade213)

    Family 4:
    LN: Little
    DH: Ryan Oliver Little
    DW: Avery Julia Little
    DD/DD/DS: Imogen Gwyneth Little, Margot Edith Little, and Henry Asher Little (13) "Immy, Meg, and Harry" (wanderlux)
    DD: Georgianna Lynn Little (9) "Georgie" (shanade213)
    DAS: Leonard James Little (5) "Leo"
    DAD: Maeve Aiobheann Little (3) "Mae" (bb)
    DAS: Callum Breccan Little (1) "Cal" (bb)

    Family 5:
    LN: Fitzpatrick
    DH: Richard John Fitzpatrick
    DW: Fern Meadow Fitzpatrick
    DS: Theodore Wolf Fitzpatrick (8) "Teddy" (minisia)
    DS: Samson Oakley Fitzpatrick (7) (oboeplayer1)
    DD: Lillian March Fitzpatrick (2) "Lila" (meganlee2012)
    DD/DD: Grace Laken Fitzpatrick and Olive Anna Fitzpatrick (nb) (acl)

    Family 6:
    LN: Johns-Porter
    DW: Noelle Brianne Johns-Porter
    DW: Rachel Ann Johns-Porter
    DAS: Ezra Barakat Johns-Porter (10) (niiskuneiti)
    DAD: Aurora Megumi Johns-Porter (5) (oboeplayer1)
    DAS: Quinten Emile Johns-Porter (9) (essjay)
    DAS: Felix Augustine Johns-Porter (5) (bb)
    DAD: Fiona Marianne Johns-Porter (3) (essjay)
    DAS: Luca Mateo Johns-Porter (6 months) (nicolemccohen)

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