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    Thinking out of the box...

    If possible, how would you convert a name you were interested in, into something you like and/or close to your naming style.

    For instance, I was watching TMNT, this morning and remembered how great I thought their names were as brothers.

    However, I wondered if I didn't want to make it too obvious or nerdy, how would I make it work based on their original. Although I do love (guilty pleasure) their name as is.

    Well, here it goes...

    Michelangelo (Based on Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni):
    Boy = Micah Girl = Michelle

    Leonardo (Based on Leonardo di ser Piero da Vinci):
    Boy = Leon Girl = Leona

    Raphael (Based on Raffaello Sanzio da Urbino):
    Boy = Rafferty Girl = Rachel

    Donatello (Based on Donato di Niccolo di Betto Bardi) :
    Boy = Donovan Girl = Donnelly

    Based on any name, how would you tweak it to your liking?
    Would you make it more gender-worthy? Ex. Family name is Aaron, but you are having a girl and want to name her Erin. Vice-versa.

    Would you add or take away any letters? Ex. Connor to Conor.

    Do you have a favorite character/artist/actor/actress/etc., you want the name to be close, but not too exact? Ex. Marilyn Monroe turns into Mary Lynn or Monday Rose (Monroe as a possible nn).

    Hopefully you get the idea and respond. My curiosity is working overtime and I am curious to how Berries can think out of the box when it comes to names. Doesn't have to be something you will really use, just something you think might work to make a name vintage, classic, modern, spunky, etc.
    If I had an "Autumn" baby...

    Juniper AureliaJasper AuberonCamellia AmberPhoenix Alder


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    I love daughter is Leonie.

    I love Donovan. I actually find somewhat dated Donna to be cute, though I'm sure Belladonna is more suited to current tastes/trends.

    I love Micah...boy or girl. How about Micah Angelina?

    Also my high school art teacher was named April O'Neil!

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    Slytherin Common Room
    As lame as this is, I've always liked the idea of Adriana and Liam as twins in reference to Adriana Lima. I'd never actually do it, but it's there.

    Other than her, I really can't say I have any honoring ideas in mind much.
    Although for a character, I'm likely going to have his middle name be Henry and his father's be Enzo which is Italian of Henry.
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    @ east93 Ahhh, I see what you did there. Nice
    Lol, of course it lame, that's part of the tweaking fun.

    I always think its interesting when it comes to how people find their children name...Like getting a name out of a name. Especially, if they tweaked it a bit/a lot. Sometimes it work, other times not so lucky.

    More examples:

    Aaron => Nora
    Aidan => Nadia
    Alessandra => Sandra or Andrea or Elsa
    If I had an "Autumn" baby...

    Juniper AureliaJasper AuberonCamellia AmberPhoenix Alder


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    I know a real life example: mother is Marianne, her first daughter is named Anne-Marie (goes by Anne or Annie).

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