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    Make Combos from My Favorites!

    Use these names to make first/middle combos! Feel free to bring in another name if it fits one on my list!

    Alexa Reyna Eliza Livana Arielle Lily Shoshana Rosalie Molly Daphne Naomi Lila Isla Jessamy Clio Rowena Astera Seraphina Anneliese Bethany Everly Isabeau Margot Arela Liora Maya Annalie Marley Ayelet
    Teenberry. Author. Name obsesser. Won't be having babies for many many years. But possibly cats. Lots of cats.
    Current Favorites:
    ♀ Alexa • Arielle • Margot • Maya
    ♂ Tobias • Adrian • Nathan • Jason • Bellamy • Joshua
    Maya Rosalie - Asher Nathaniel - Lily Margot - Joshua Levi - Margot Arielle - Maya Arielle

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    Feb 2012
    Britberry (Wales -UK)
    εїз Danielle
    B.A.R '08
    L.F.A '10

    Dazzling Dudes ✂---Phoenix -Cyrus- Aeydn- Xavier- Enzo-Rory-Zandyr┅┅
    Delightful Divas ✂--Kairi -Peyton-Lilith- Alana- Eliese- Arlah- Cydnie- Marnie- Octavia- Isabeau- Ksenia- Novalie┅


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    20-year-old boy who just happens to like baby names.

    Girls: Amberley, Astrid, Athena, Cypress, Darcy, Kassia, Kelsea,
    Kimberley, Laurel, Lindsay, Lisandra, Lissette, Maryelle,
    Misty, Rosemarie, Saba, Sabine, Sky, Thalia

    Boys: Alexander, Bjorn, Blair, Erik, Fable, Isaac, Kasey, Layne,
    Mark, Maverick, Montana, Riley, River, Sage, Satchel,
    Shane, Shea, Shepherd, Slade, Thatcher, Zander, Zane

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    Catholic 🍍 Teenberry 🍍 Musician
    Guilty pleasure, literary, and saint names
    Aurelian Gray 🎵 Wolfgang Mischa 🎵 Caspar Tryphon 🎵 Magnus Dean 🎵 Augustine Finch 🎵 Sherlock Lewis 🎵 Viggo Artemas 🎵 Enjolras Theodore 🎵 Aquinas Rohan 🎵 Darcy Ignatius
    Azélie Piper ➳ Delphina Scout ➳ Endellion Larue ➳ Astoria Temperance ➳ Gwen Violetta ➳ Malia Nightingale ➳ Eowyn Juniper ➳ Demetria Primrose ➳ Susanna Tigerlily ➳ Ariadne Vesper

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