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    9 Kids with Rules!

    FN: Innis, Jersey, Ving, Harris, Narciso, Sandor, Beck, Rowan

    DH: FN: name of a painter MN: name that feels 'yellow'
    DW: FN: variant of Delores ( MN: french name

    DD: FN: name of a jazz singer MN: tomboy name
    DS: FN: honours DH's FN MN: a regal name
    DS: FN: starts with B MN: ends with -sen
    DD/DS: FNs: start with different letters, vowel names MNs: start with same letters, one syllable names
    DD: FN: ends with o MN: ends with -ay
    DS: FN & MN: start with the same letter, FN is 2 syllables, MN is 3+
    DD: FN: honours DW's MN MN: starts and ends with the same letter
    DS: FN: ends with an A MN: a music genre name

    Jude, blackbird.

    Teddy * Alma * Marian * Frances * Amra * Donovan

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    Mommy to the funniest little boy ever, Sage

    Winter Rose, Summer Alisa, Nova Mae, Terra Elle, Anona Fern, Marilyn Louisa
    Sky Thomas, Lars Conrad, Ren Sherwood, Park Samson, Leighton Sky, Indiana Gregory
    Allison, Tara, Sophie, Star, Kara / Steven, Basil, Tide, Moon, Jade

    (Favorite names may change often)

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