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    Alphabetical Outlandish This, This, or That

    I saw a thread like this a few days ago and thought that maybe I should make a somewhat outlandish version. I know these names aren't everyone's style, but many GPs aren't; that's why they're GPs. Some aren't as out-there as others, which I'm sure you'll notice.

    Also, this is my first started thread, so apologies for the awkwardness.

    Adelisa or Ariadne or Aviva
    Belphoebe or Beatriz (beh-ah-treez) or Brynja (brynn-ya)
    Calista or Ceridwen or Clemency
    Delphina or Damaris or Dagny
    Esperanza or Emeraude or Embla
    Fiamma or Freesia or Fifer
    Galilea or Gretchen or Graziana
    Hannelore or Halcyon or Holiday
    Illyria or Isaure or Ixora
    Jessenia or Julitte or Jubilee
    Katia or Keturah or Kirrily
    Lavinia or Liorit (lee-or-eet) or Lisiantha (as in lisianthus flowers)
    Morwenna or Mitsuko or Maëlys
    Naiara or November or Nayeli
    Olympia or Océane or Oksana
    Philomela or Parthenope or Peninnah
    Quirina or Quilla or Quintessa
    Raziela or Rhoswen or Reverie
    Sophronia or Salvatrix or Sabella
    Talitha or Temperance or Tassia
    Ursula or Undine or Unity
    Vitalia or Viviette or Vashti
    Wakana or Weibke (weeb-ka) or Waverly
    Ximena or Xanthippe or Xochitl
    Yevgeniya or Yildiz (yul-duz, I think) or Yaretzi
    Zuleika or Zabel or Ziva

    If you picked mostly the first names, you generally prefer (of the options) elaborate, and mostly -a ending names.

    If you picked mostly the second choices, you generally prefer (of the options) quirky, stately, strong names which are still beautiful even though most don't end in -a.

    And if you picked mostly the third choices, you generally prefer (of the options) modern-sounding names that have some class.
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