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Thread: Name 7 Kids!

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    Name 7 Kids!

    If you had seven kids, 5 boys and 2 girls or 5 girls and 2 boys, what would you name them?

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    1.) DD: Bunny Frances
    2.) DD: Vesper Noble
    3.) DD: Anouk Minnie
    4.) DD: Yuki Shalom
    5.) DD: Agnes Gardenia
    6.) DS: Dossie Gardener
    7.) DS: Bertram Beloved

    Bunny, Vesper, Anouk, Yuki, Agnes, Dossie and Bertram.
    Bunny, Vee, Nook, Yuki, Aggie, Doss and Bertie.

    OR (no repeated names)

    1.) DS: Amadeus Happy
    2.) DS: Morris Basil
    3.) DS: Balthazar Palomo
    4.) DS: Ernest Raphael
    5.) DS: Reginald Prosper
    6.) DD: Constance Nellie
    7.) DD: Nanette Camellia

    Amadeus, Morris, Balthazar, Ernest, Reginald, Constance and Nanette.
    Ama, Morris, Bally, Ernie, Reggie, Connie and Nan / Nettie.
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    Mary, Esther, Constance, Susanna, Flora, Odelia, Dossie, Yuki, Louisa, Bettina, Thomasin, Bessie, Camellia, Magnolia, Fay, Axelle, Paviana, Magdalena, Evangeline, Josephine, Una, Raphaela, Francesca, Gardenia, Theodora, Endellion, Rosemary, Daphne, Antonia, Pascale, Frances.

    Amias, Moses, Francis, Wolfgang, Abraham, Bertram, Horatio, Lazarus, Peter, Arthur, Dossie, Pello, Ezekiel, Barnabas / Barnaby, Linus, Simon, Vero, Tadeo, Winston, Amadeus, Magnus, Obadiah, Rex, Edgar, Walter, Ignatius.

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