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    First name that came to my mind was Julie. Not sure why.

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    I thought of Rosalind too! Or Angela, Cassandra, and Evangeline.
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    421 many different names for a first impression. I don't mind the Susannah angle, but because this character was born in the late 60's, Susan would probably be the more logic way to go.

    I love the name Caroline, but being a fan of The Vampire Diaries, I always see Miss Caroline Forbes.

    I'm feeling the Jacqueline or Jackie angle...the meaning is right on too.
    Rosalind is alright. Even Rose would work.
    I'm seeing a Diane or Barbara. I like the meaning behind Barbara.

    I have to take into consideration that the daughter's name is Katherine (nn. Kate). Would a Jackie name her daughter Kate? Would Diane name her daughter Katherine, but call her Katie? This woman was a teenager when she had her daughter.

    Here are the surnames I'm considering: Gordon, Cargill, Lavery, Mercer, and Compton
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    I thought Elena or Cora

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    The first name that came to mind was Rosa.
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