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    First name that came to my mind was Julie. Not sure why.

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    I thought of Rosalind too! Or Angela, Cassandra, and Evangeline.
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    421 many different names for a first impression. I don't mind the Susannah angle, but because this character was born in the late 60's, Susan would probably be the more logic way to go.

    I love the name Caroline, but being a fan of The Vampire Diaries, I always see Miss Caroline Forbes.

    I'm feeling the Jacqueline or Jackie angle...the meaning is right on too.
    Rosalind is alright. Even Rose would work.
    I'm seeing a Diane or Barbara. I like the meaning behind Barbara.

    I have to take into consideration that the daughter's name is Katherine (nn. Kate). Would a Jackie name her daughter Kate? Would Diane name her daughter Katherine, but call her Katie? This woman was a teenager when she had her daughter.

    Here are the surnames I'm considering: Gordon, Cargill, Lavery, Mercer, and Compton
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    I thought Elena or Cora
    William, James, Thomas, Isaac, Elias, Oisin, Henry, Nolan, Ronan, Orson, Ephraim, Arthur, Robert, Finn, Jude, Kieran, Maxwell, Kellan, Leander, Josiah, Edmund, Gideon, Samuel, Oscar, Vincent

    Alice, Orla, Eleanor, Celia, Audrey, Genevieve, Honora, Cordelia, Ivy, Marigold, Sybil, Anna, Moira, Susanna, Veronica, Harriet, Aria, Vivienne, Edith, Helena, Charlotte, Isla, Magdalena, Rosalind, Violet

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    The first name that came to mind was Rosa.
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