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Thread: Name Quiz

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    Son #1: Spencer Owen - 8/10 - I like the way the names sound together, but I'm not super fond of Spencer for a boy.
    Daughter #1: Sylvia Caitlin - 4/10 - I don't care for either names.
    Son #2: Emmett Quay - 9/10 - I actually really like this! Emmett is beginning to grow on me more and more, especially now that I see it as more than an old-man's name. I really like Quay too. I've never heard it before!
    Daughter #2: Lillia Brenna - 4/10 - I like Lillia okay and Brenna is okay but they don't sound good together.
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    Jensen Patrick - I love this combo!
    Fiona Quilla - I adore both names, just not together.
    Zeke Chord - Not crazy for this one.
    Bethany Oona - Seen better, seen worse.

    [Jensen, Fiona, Zeke, + Annie]

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    DS1: Travis Tiernan
    DD1: Shemariah Caitlin
    DS2: Fraser Chord
    DD2: Antonia Bliss

    What a terribly names family! Ha.
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